High Up

This is about how a complete stranger can change your view of life, and even become your whole world.


{Book One - High Up}
{Book Two - Lilac Sky}
{Book Three - Brightest Stars} (Coming Soon)


15. Fifteen - Coming Out

“Charles Neal, Will you marry me?” Rhett watched Link nervously as he gripped the box between his fingertips. Link had started crying, nodding his head.

“Yes! Yes!” Cried Link as he embraced his lover. The people at the other tables clapped, congratulating them. Rhett took Link’s hand, slipping the ring on his finger.

“I love you so much.” Sniffed Rhett.

“I love you too Rhett.” Link rubbed under his eyes.


Rhett and Link were cuddled in bed together the next morning. Rhett was still asleep and Link was stuck with his thoughts. He didn’t know quite how to tell people about him and Rhett and was trying to get an idea. He twirled the ring around his finger over and over again. Then it hit him, the perfect idea. Rhett yawned, his eyes fluttering open to see Link on his phone.

Link: Hey ma, I got some huge news!

Ma: What is it hun?

Link: I got engaged last night!

Ma: Is it to April? :/

Link: Nope… :D

Ma: Then who is it?

Link smiled as he looked up to find Rhett watching him with tired eyes. He pulled up the camera application and grabbed Rhett’s hand in his, showing off the ring taking a picture of the two cuddling.

Link: New Picture Message!

Ma: Oh thank god! I thought that it was gonna be someone like April!

Link: You’re okay with this?!?!

Ma: Of course! He’s a sweet boy! I expect to see the two of you tomorrow for dinner.

Link: Okay Ma, I love ya, see you soon!

Link couldn’t stop smiling, he was getting married to the love of his life and he was so damn excited about it. Rhett’s arms wrapped around his tiny lover, squeezing him tight in his strong arms. Link melted into the boys touch.

“I love you Rhett.” Link spoke, burying his face into his fiancé’s side.

“I love you too, Linky.”


Rhett was sitting with is legs crisscrossed on the couch watching movies with Link who had his legs up on the couch, slumped over, head rested on Rhett’s shoulder.

“Hey Link?” Rhett asked glancing down at the boy, finding him sleeping soundly. He smiled down at him fondly.

“Awe! You two are just the cutest couple!” Gushed Rhett’s mother, making him jump.

“W-What!?” Rhett choked.

“You and Link, you’re so cute!”

“M-Ma! W-Why would you-“

“Come on! It’s so obvious that you’re not straight, plus Rhett… I’m not deaf.” She walked off leaving Rhett stunned and embarrassed, were we reallythat loud?


Jack was sitting in the living room of his house, he’d been home for about a week now and each and every day since he’d been home he’s been trying to come out to his family but of course his sister, Brooke had gotten engaged to her boyfriend, Dean and the whole family was too busy focusing on the two soon-to-be husband and wife to listen to poor Jack. They had decided they were having a family dinner that night so Jack, knowing he’d have nobody to talk to and most likely be bored out of his mind all night, being completely miserable, he decided to invite Mark.

Jack was waiting for Mark to arrive and he was late. Jack was going insane, his whole family was at the house, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, grandparents. Step-brothers, Step-sisters, etcetera and he couldn’t take this much family all at once. He pulled out his phone, calling his boyfriend and leaving the room so he can hear.

“Hello?” Chimed Mark.

“Where the bloody ‘ell are ye!” Jack snapped.

“I’m stuck in traffic, I’ll be there soon, what’s your deal?”

“I can’t take my family for another minute, I can feel my sanity slowly draining just sitting in the same room as them all.” Groaned the boy.

“Just wait it out, I’ll be there soon, don’t worry.” Mark reassured.

“Ye better…” Jack grumbled, “I love ye.”

“Love you too Jacky, how’s telling your family going?” Mark questioned.

“I haven’t been able to fuckin’ speak in my house all week! I can’t wait till we can get a place together.”

“Same here. Alright, I’m almost at your place, I love you, see you in a few.” Mark said.

“Alright, see ye soon babe, love ye, bye love.” Jack said, making Mark’s heart beat faster, taking his breath away.

After waiting another five to ten-ish minutes there was a knock at the door. Jack jumped from the couch darting to the door to get it, nobody else seeming to notice that somebody had even arrived. Jack tugged the door open and jumped into Mark, almost knocking him over. Jack planted a hard kiss on his lover’s lips.

“God damn I missed ye.” Breathed Jack.

“I missed you too Jackaboy.” Laughed Mark as he pried his boyfriend off of him, “Let’s go meet your family!” Mark was overly enthusiastic about the whole thing.

“Or we could just go have sex in my room.” Jack winked.

“No, I wanna meet your family!” Mark insisted, causing Jack to frown.

“They won’t pay attention to either of us even if we make them, they’re all so fuckin’ focused on Brooke and Dean, my sister and her new Fiancé.” Jack grumbled, him being the youngest, always used to getting special treatment, Jack hated how nobody would listen to him or pay attention to him.

“Well then we can just go watch movies together and cuddle, no sex tonight, especially when you have your whole damn family in the same house as you.”

“I guess ye have a pretty valid point there.” Shrugged Jack, half smiling at his partner.

“Netflix and chill?” Mark smiled.

“That sounds like a great idea to be honest.” Jack and Mark made their way up to Jack’s bedroom for some cuddling and kids movies.


“Felix? We’re gonna be late dumbass hurry up!” Ryan shouted waiting for his stupid boyfriend to get ready.

“I’m coming! I’m coming! Calm down, gees!” Felix came hopping into the room, tugging his pants on with a tooth brush hanging from his mouth. Ryan immediately pulled his phone from his pocket and took a video of his idiot stumbling around the room, pretty much drooling everywhere as he tried to do everything at once.

“Go brush your teeth in the bathroom you retard.” Laughed Ryan.

“Mmmh, Fuck off.” Felix coughed, choking on his own spit, causing Ryan to laugh even harder.

 “Go get cleaned up you idiot.” Ryan smiled, shaking his head at the boy as he stumbled off, returning moments later.

“I’m ready this time.” He smiled, kissing Ryan gently. They were going out to dinner with Mary and Ken because Ken said they had something really important they wanted to talk to him and Ryan about.


“Hey sorry we’re a bit late, Felix was rushing around getting ready at the last minute.” Chuckled Ryan.

“Usual Felix.” Ken smiled as they slid into the booth opposite Ken and Mary.

“So what’s up bro?” Felix sighed tiredly.

“Not much really, we just wanted to ask the two of you a quick question, it’s not important yet.” Ken shrugged as Mary sad with a huge smile plastered to her face.

“Okay, so how’s the wedding planning going?” Ryan asked, knowing they’d been engaged for quite a while now.

“Oh pretty good, we have to push the wedding date back a bit though.” Ken replied, grinning from ear to ear. Just as Ryan and Felix were about to ask why the waitress approached, asking if they’d decided what they’d wanted yet. They all ordered, Ken getting a stake, Mary getting a Salad, Ryan getting fish and chips and Felix getting pasta with calamari and red sauce.

“So why do you have to move the wedding date?” Felix asked, suddenly remembering half-way through their meal.

“Oh, yeah…” Ken and Mary exchanged glances before Mary proceeded.

“Well, something came up and we decided it’d be best if we waited till that thing had been… Done?” She shrugged.

“What is this ‘Thing’?” Ryan raised an eyebrow. Ken and Mary both smiled wide.

“Mary’s pregnant.” Ken announced causing both Ryan and Felix to stop dead in their tracks.

“What? R-Really?” Felix gasped, extremely excited for his friend.

“Yep, she’s due in March.” Ken beamed happily.

“Oh man, congrats, wow! This must be such a surreal feeling huh?” Ryan smiled.

“Yeah it really is to be honest. I am so excited and Mary is as well, it may seem a bit early but seriously a baby is going to be so cool.” Gushed Ken excitement filled his voice. The conversation went on and on, Ken eventually asking them to be the godparents of the child, which they gladly accepted.


Mark and Jack after watching a movie and cuddling – with a bit of kissing and groping – they decided to head down for dinner. Once down stairs they noticed that dinner hadn’t been served yet, it was about five o’clock so they knew it should be done anytime now. They entered the living room, acting as straight as they possibly could even though they were beyond gay. Jack attempted talking to people only to be shunned by everyone, making him feel pretty shitty.

Soon enough dinner was announced and everybody mad their way into the dining room to get a seat and some food, the children were all in another room eating separately from the adults.

“Sean! How have you been sweety!? Who’s your little friend there?” Jack’s Aunt Diana squeeked.

“Pretty good. This is Mark.” Jack mumbled flatly.

“Awe Mark seems like a sweet boy!” She continued to ramble on and on, Jack zoning out of her long boring speech thing. Jack was just really feeling awful and Mark could tell that he was pretty upset.

“So have you finally found a girlfriend yet Sean?” His uncle teased. Jack just ignored his statement but of course his whole family had to start on him.

“Yeah, you can’t wait forever to get a girl Sean, by the time you actually get out there and try and find one they’ll all be gone!”

“Maybe he has one after all! Is she pretty? When can we meet her?”

“Sean ain’t got a girl, isn’t it obvious, he never talks about ‘er.”

“Do you have a girlfriend? What does she look like? Is she nice?”

All these questions were shot at Jack rapidly, making him sing down in his chair nervously, glancing at Mark who looked like he wanted to leave… Jack didn’t blame him, he wanted to run away as well.

“I’m Gay!” Jack had, had enough and couldn’t take it anymore, “Now will everybody just shut the fuck up and leave me be!?” He shouted, standing up and storming away from the table and out the door to his back yard.

“Jack!?” Mark jumped up jogging after his beloved boyfriend, going to make sure he was alright. Mark followed Jack out to the backyard, losing him in the pitch black night, “Jacky?” Mark called out into the cool night air. Mark heard soft sniffles and hiccups come from the murky blackness, Mark pulled out his phone and used it as a guide to find his crying lover. Mark found him quickly, he was curled up, knees pulled to his chest, face buried between, beneath a large tree.

“Jack, babe.” Mark said gently as he crouched beside the boy, placing an arm around him. He drew soft circles on the tiny boy’s back.

“I’m so sorry Mark, I ruined yeer night and made ye feel awkward. I understand if ye wanna leave, I would too if I were you. I am so god damn fuckin' sorry. I suck, and I’m a mess. I hate this so much.” Jack cried.

“Hey, don’t say that hun, I’m not leaving, I love you so much, you don’t suck, you’re just upset and I totally get why you would be but I am not leaving you here by yourself. Now come here.” Mark sat down in the damp grass and pulled Jack into him.

“I love ye so much Mark, literally I have no idea what I would do without ye. Ye are everything to me. Ye changed me so much, and for the better. I was straight before I met ye as well.” Jack cracked a smile, a soft giggle escaping his parted lips.

“I love you too babe, you’ve done the sane with me as well. But right now isn’t the time for all this mushy stuff, how about we head back in and talk to your family about this?” Mark's fingers were tangled in Jack’s soft hair, his head rested on Mark’s chest, listening to the beat of his heart.

“I’d rather just go crawl in a ditch somewhere… I’m so embarrassed and scared.” Jack mumbled.

“If you go talk to your family then tomorrow we can stay in bed all day and do Netflix and chill.” Mark bribed.

“Fine, okay, I’ll talk to them.”


“I’m sorry fur acting like such an arse before, I just haven’t had the best night and all. I feel bad… But I want ye all to meet Mark, he’s my best friend slash boyfriend. We’ve been really good friends for a long time and he has changed me for the better. I mean he made me gay.”  Jack joked. He felt so much better, and he had Mark to thank…

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