High Up

This is about how a complete stranger can change your view of life, and even become your whole world.


{Book One - High Up}
{Book Two - Lilac Sky}
{Book Three - Brightest Stars} (Coming Soon)


11. Eleven - Long Ride

Jack was sitting in his room with April right beside him. April was playing on her phone, completely ignoring her boyfriend. Jack on the other hand had his music playing loudly throughout the room, mumbling the lyrics to himself softly.

"Can you shut this shit off, it's giving me a headache." The girl groaned.

"No, I like it." Jack snapped in reply.

"It wasn't a question." April hissed.

"Yeah, but I'm still not shuttin' it off." Jack growled. He hated how she'd been acting lately, all she'd been doing was bitching him out.

"Shut it off Jack!" She shouted.

"No! It's me own fuckin' room, I'm not turnin' me music off!" Ye're bein' a real arse ye know that." Jack was fed up with her always bitching him out, she'd changed in the few months they'd been dating.

"What!? What the fuck Jack, You're the fucking ass! You won't even turn your fucking gay-ass emo bullshit off!" She yelled again.

"Why should turn me music off for you? If it were yeer fuckin' shite then ye'd be fine with it!"

"Because my music doesn't give me a headache! Jack, you are a fucking douche! I am so done, we're fucking done, we're over!" She screamed at last, storming from the room.

"GOOD FUCKIN' LUCK GETTING' HOME!" Jack's anger didn't subside, he was so pissed as he buried his face into his pillow, letting out a loud frustrated scream into it. He heard a gentle knock on his door, not responding, hoping whoever it was would go away.

"Jacky?" Mark's voice was soft as he pushed the door opened slightly.

"Go away!" Jack muttered into his pillow.

"Nope, can't." Mark replied, sitting on the edge of Jack's bed, placing a hand on his friend's back.

"Piss off!" He grumbled again.

"I'm sorry, I can't do that." Mark poked his friend.

"Why not, I don't wanna talk." Jack whined.

"I just want to hang out, since that bitch April..." Mark spat with distaste, "She never let us hang out... I can finally tell you I fucking hate her." Mark admitted.

"Will ye help me pack for PAX?" Jack asked, sitting up to face Mark.

"Yeah sure, I finished my packing while you and Mrs. Bitch were fighting." Mark chuckled.

"Okay, thank ye bae." Jack smiled at the boy. Mark blushed as he always does when Jack calls him by those names. The two boy's began stuffing things into a suitcase trying to pack enough for a week in Seattle.

"Should I bring this?" Jack held up a stuffed animal, looking at Mark, waiting for an answer.

"Why?" Mark muttered, puzzled. The other boy pulled it into his chest.

"I-I..." Jack murmured, flustered as hell.

"Isn't that the thing I made for you?" Mark asked, Jack looking ashamedly at the floor, nodding slightly. Mark's eyes lit-up as he saw this, Jack kept the stuffed eye that Mark had – very poorly – made for the boy. It seemed like it meant a lot to Jack, which made Mark smile and blush uncontrollably.

"What?" Jack asked, "Is there somethin'..."

"No, it's just... You- You kept that shitty stuffy." Mark replied, a huge grin stuck to his face.

"It's not shitty... I love it." Jack replied, getting in his knees beside Mark, pulling the boy into a hug, "Thank you Markimoo, I'm sorry if it seemed like I didn't care for it, I'm just bad with expressing myself sometimes."

"I think everyone is bad at that, some people are just sometimes a bit better but still suck at it." Mark tossed his arms around Jack as well, "I can't wait till PAX."


"Mark! Did ye pack the cookies fur the car ride!?" Jack hollered from his bedroom as he was getting ready and grabbing some extra stuff he forgot.

"Yes Jack! For the millionth time, I've got the damn cookies!" Mark rolled his eyes, laughing at his friend.

"I'm just makin' sure!" He said with a smile plastered to his red lips as he jogged down the stairs. Mark just shook his head at the boy.

"So when do we have to check into the hotel by?" Mark asked.

"Uhm... I think it was like eight er nine." Jack shrugged.

"Okay, we'll stop and get stuff to eat on the way." Mark replied, checking the time on his phone.

"We better! It's almost an eighteen hour drive!" Jack groaned.

"You know it'll be fun." Mark just sighed and rolled his eyes at the boy.

"It's gonna be so borin'!" Jack whined.

"Oh hush, go get your stuff so we can head out!"


"Mark?" Jack asked, shoving a cookie in his mouth.

"Yeah, what's up?" Mark glanced at Jack for a moment before turning back to the road. Jack stuck his hand out towards Mark, offering a cookie. Mark smile and let out a gentle laugh, "You can have it, were gonna get food soon anyway."

"Don't reject my love Mark!" Jack pressed, shoving the cookie at his friend. A laugh escaped Mark's lips as he took the cookie from Jack.

"Thank you Jackaboy." Smiled Mark.

"Ye're welcome Markimoo." Jack smiled as well, "How much longer till we get there?"

"About ten-ish hours." Mark groaned.

"Ugh, I am gonna die of boredom!" Jack cried out.

"Me too, let's listen to music or something." Mark shrugged and in under a second the AUX cord was plugged into Jack's phone, some sort of heavy metal/Punk/screamo music playing loudly over the speaker. Jack headbanging and singing along. Mark couldn't help but smile at how cute the boy was.

"Sing with me!" Jack whined.

"I don't know the words!" Mark called over the music.

"One sec!" Jack grabbed his phone and tapped it a couple times before the familiar song came on, Mark burst into laughter as he heard it.

"Ye have to sing with me now!" Jack was laughing as well, the song started and the two sang along to it.

"Can you feel the love tonight!" The two shouted at the top of their lungs, laughing and smiling, neither had ever been able to feel this happy with anybody else.


Mark pulled into a small diner off the highway, Jack asleep in the passenger seat. Mark couldn't help but to pull out his phone and take a couple pictures of the boy, he looked so cute! After pocketing his phone, Mark reached over, placing a hand on Jack's arm.

"Jacky, wake up, we're at the diner." Mark nudged his friend a few times.

"Fuck off." Jack muttered, squirming around in the chair, trying to get comfortable again.

"Wake up loser." Mark chuckled as he hit the boy with a pilliow he had gotten from the backseat.

"I'm up! I'm up!" Jack groaned, sitting up in his seat.

"We can get food n-" Mark couldn't even finish his sentence and Jack was out of the car, he swung his door open and got out.

"Hey! Wait up!" Mark jogged to catch up with Jack.

"I'm starvin'! I'm not waiting fur yeer slow ass!" Mark rolled his eyes at Jack for the millionth time that day.

The two entered the tiny restaurant and sat in one of the booths across from each other.

"What can I get'cha?" One of the waitress' aproched the boys.

"Hi, I'll have a Pepsi." Mark smiled at the attractive woman.

"Eww, Pepsi? I'll have a mountain dew." Jack replied, more interested in Mark than the girl, "Thanks."

"Okay, it'll be out in a moment." She said placing the menu's down on the table and winking at Mark before walking off.

"She was checking ye out." Jack grumbled flatly.

"I didn't notice." Mark shrugged.

"How could ye not, ye were practically drooling over 'er." Mark could tell Jack was pissed but didn't understand why.

"I wasn't...? What's gotten into you Jack?" Mark asked.

"Nothin'." Jack's arms were folded over his chest and looked out the window, pouting.

"Doesn't seem like nothing... Are you mad at me?" Mark questioned. 

"No..." Jack grunted, not even looking at Mark.

"Really? Are you sure?" Mark muttered sarcastically, "Jack, just because you think shes hot doesn't mean I can't." Jack's eyes widened, face turning a deep crimson red.

"I-I... She, I never-.... Just forget it!" Jack groaned in defeat.

"What? Why are you so pissed!? Tell me so I won't do it anymore." Mark was extremely confused at the flustered-ness of his friend.

"It's nothin'! Just forget it Mark." Jack said, ending the conversation just as the waitress came back.

"Hi, here are your drinks." She said as she took the mountain dew off the plate, placing it down on the table, nowhere close to Jack, "And a Pepsi for the cutie with the luscious brown eyes." The girl smirked and winked at him.

"Thanks..." Mark mumbled awkwardly, glancing over at Jack who'd become even more flustered.

"No problem, Hunny. So where ya' headin' to?" She asked, half sitting on the table as she tried to flirt with Mark.

"Erm... We're headed to PAX..." Mark said uneasily.

"Oh that sounds like so much fun!" She bounced, trying to make her boobs do the same.

"Yeah, you have really pretty eyes." Mark spoke without knowing what he was doing to poor Jack.

"I-I'm gonna use the bathroom." Jack hurried from the table to the bathroom, unable to take watching the boy he loved flirt with some ugly bimbo. All he could see was April in that girl, a no good hoe.

Jack pushed the swinging door to the bathroom open and immediately locked himself in a stall, hysterically sobbing, trying to silence the sound by covering his lips with his hoodie sleeve, his blue eyes dripping salty tears. Jack wasn't hungry anymore.


Charles was laying in bed with this girl. He hated what he was doing, but he had to, it was for his own good, he couldn't do that any longer. His parents were about to find out, his mother would hate him and his father would beat him, This he knew. His heart belonged to Rhett but his body now belonged to this girl, April. He hated being with her, he'd even go as far as to say he hated her.

"That was the worst." Grumbled the girl.

"Well I fucking hated it as well." Link sighed. His body ached for Rhett, just the thought of his touch, it sent chills up and down his spine.

"Sure." She got up from the bed, everything hanging everywhere. It took all the power in his body not to gag. He felt disgusting, he felt unclean.

"What are you doing?" Link questioned.

"Leaving. You suck in bed, we're over." Link began panicking as he heard this, it would blow everything.

"What!? You- But!" 

"Fuck off." She hissed as she pulled her top on and grabbed her purse, "Bye Charles." And she was gone. He needed a plan and fast, they couldn't find out.


Mark was getting aggravated by how persistent this girl was getting. He just wanted to order but he was still waiting for Jack, he was beginning to get slightly worried, could Jack be sick?

"Excuse me, I've got to find my friend." The boy half smiled.

"Awe, I'm sure he's-"

"I've got to go see if my friend is alright now move." He hissed, she could tell that he wasn't into her flirting and quickly moved. Mark walked around back and into the bathroom. He could hear soft sniffles and gentle sobs coming from the handicap stall.  

"Jacky?" Mark asked approached the stall, his knuckles tapping against the plastic-y door. He got no answer, so he tried again,  "Jack? I know that you're in there, let me in." Jack hesitated but listened to his best friend and stood unlocking the door and stepping out.

"Hi." Jack whimpered roughly.

"Jack, what's wrong?" Mark wiped some of the smaller one's tears away, "Are you sick?"

"No, Jus' personal stuff, I'm fine Mark." Jack replied, "I'm not hungry anymore, can we leave?" Jack rubbed his eyes, "I'm fine, just tired and when I get upset like this I usually can't eat..."

"Are you sure? You have to eat something other than pancakes, cookies and junk." Mark was overly concerned about Jack, knowing something must've been really bothering him.

"I'm sure, I can get somethin' when we get to Seattle." Jack shrugged, "But if you're hungry..."

"No-no, it's okay, I can wait. If you want to stop at anytime you can just let me know." Mark draped an arm around Jack's shoulder, giving him a gentle squeeze. Jack leaned into him, exhausted. The two left after Mark paid for their drinks, leaving no tip.

Jack curled up in the passenger seat as Mark started the car, "Mark? How much longer?" Jack asked softly.

"Little over two-ish hours." Mark replied, getting a nod from Jack.

"Me head hurts a lot, can ye stop and get some Aspirin please?" Jack mumbled, eyes closed.

"Okay, there's a place down the street." Mark placed a hand on Jack's knee, getting a smile in response. In just a moment soft snores came from the little Irishman.


Mark nudged Jack awake once they'd gotten to the hotel, it looked really nice.

"We're at the hotel, we have to check in Jacky." Mark said in a sweet voice.

"I'm tired, can't I just stay here?" Jack mumbled, not even batting an eyelash.

"Nope, come on." Mark opened his door and the cool air of the city night his Jack, waking him instantly. The two gathered their baggage and headed into the warmth of the hotel.

After quickly checking in the two headed to the elevator and to their room.

"I am so damn tired, I'm gonna sleep furever!" Jack groaned as they entered the room. The boys both stopped dead in their tracks as they saw only a single, queen-sized bed. 

"Well... L-Look's like we'll have to share it..."

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