High Up

This is about how a complete stranger can change your view of life, and even become your whole world.


{Book One - High Up}
{Book Two - Lilac Sky}
{Book Three - Brightest Stars} (Coming Soon)


8. Eight - I Don't Regret It

“Why did you do that?! You could have just talked to us!” Felix shouted, stood pacing around Mark’s hospital room.

“I didn’t want your help!” Mark snapped, “I wanted to die, can’t you fucking see that! I didn’t want your help, I didn’t need your help! I did it because I have nothing left! Everything I know and love is gone!” He shouted at the boys who were lecturing him, it was actually just Felix, Jack hadn’t said a word since before they’d gotten there.

Jack bit down so hard on his lip, trying to stop the tears that were threating, now Jack’s moth begun to taste of copper. He, without saying a work, sprinted from the room, down the hospital’s crowded hallways.

“Jack?!” Felix called, glancing back at Mark once more, as if to say, don’t do anything stupid, before darting out after the boy. Mark was alone yet again.


“Have you seen a tiny man about yay-high,” Felix gestured with his hands, “Come sprinting down the hall?”

“Um...?” The nurse thought, yeah, he ran that way, I think he went into the elevator.” She pointed.

“Thank you so much!” Felix shouted over his shoulder running off in the direction the woman had pointed, once he’d gotten down stairs he assumed that Jack was outside, and that’s where Felix found him. Jack was sitting in the pouring rain on the edge of the hospital’s sidewalk. He had his knees hugged against his chest and his face buried between them.

“Jack? You’re gonna catch cold.” Felix approached his friend. When he got no response, Felix sat down beside the tiny Irishman and placed and arm around the shaking boy, in attempt to comfort his visibly upset friend.

“Jus’ go away Felix.” Jack mumbled into his knees.

“No. What’s wrong? Are you alright Jack?”

“Does it look like I’m okay Felix?” Jack snapped, picking his head up from between his knees, looking over at Felix. Jack had been sobbing hysterically, and couldn’t stop the tears from falling down his face still.

“Jack… I… Wow…” Felix breathed, “My God, you really care about Mark, don’t you?” He asked, getting a nod in return.

“He scared me so much… I-…He-… I know he probably hates me but… I really feel like he’s me best friend, I’ve never felt this way towards anyone befure, I’d never cared this much before about anybody. Yeer the only two real friends I’d ever had.” Jack explained, still hugging his knees and crying softly, though Felix couldn’t really tell, the rain pouring down so hard it made him bleary-eyed, barely able to see the shivering boy next to him.

“He doesn’t hate you and let’s go in, we’re both soaked and are probably gonna get sick.” Felix replied, pulling Jack and himself to their feet. The two walked in, completely soaked and shaking violently as they made their way back up to Mark’s room. A nurse rushed over to the boys as they entered Mark’s room, giving them each large towels.

“Are you two alright?” She spoke in a sweet voice.

 “Y-Yeah…” Jack stumbled, dumbfounded. She giggled seeing the stupid look on the boy’s face.

“Are you sure?” She asked, “You seem kind of… I don’t know, out of it?”

“Ye’re just really pretty.” Jack gawked, out of the corner of Jack’s eye he thought he saw a stray tear fall down Mark’s cheek. He pushed it away as nothing, thinking that it was just from the pain meds wearing off.

“O-Oh, um…” She blushed hard, “T-Thank you, you’re also very good looking… um?”

“Jack, and ye?”

“April…” Her face was flushed bright red.

“Pretty name to fit a pretty girl.” Jack flirted, unknowingly killing Mark on the inside.

“T-Thank you Jack… I-I like your accent. It’s really c-cute.” April gushed.

“Awe… Thanks, so April, would ye… Er, um… Like to ye know, go out sometime.” He played with the ring on his finger, a nervous habit he’d developed so long ago.

“O-Of course yes! Um… I’m sorry I’m stuttering s-so much, I’m just really n-nervous because you’re really cute and nobody really t-talks to me much…”

“Awe, ye’re so sweet, they must be idiots!” Jack smiled at the girl, Mark could feel the ache in his chest grow more and more painful by the moment.

“H-Hey… When do I get to leave this place?” Mark had to do something to stop from hearing anymore, he knew if he heard anymore, he’d start sobbing.

“Tomorrow, probably… That kitchen knife did a number on that wrist.” The nurse spoke. Mark went to speak but his phone buzzed at his side.

Felix: Just go with it, we said your hand slipped while you were cutting stuff in the kitchen cause we scared you… We’re trying to save your ass, if they know what you did you’ll be sent away.

Mark nodded slightly and replied back in desperation,

Mark: Can you get Jack or April out of here… I can feel whatever’s left of my heart shattering in my chest…

Mark looked over at Felix and saw him nod, he could tell that Felix understood how he felt and knew how badly it hurt.

“Jack, we should head out, Mark looks pretty tired… I think it’d be best to let him rest so we can have him back tomorrow.” Felix gave Mark a look of apology and sadness.

“You’re right… April, how about if I give you my number and you give me a call whenever.” Jack offered, getting an enthusiastic yes from her. He grabbed a notepad from the bedside table and scribbled his number down for her on it. It took every ounce of power left in Mark’s body to fight against his tears.

“B-Bye Jack, see you soon and nice meeting you Felix.” She waved at them as they left, “So how are you feeling Mark?”



Ryan glanced down at his phone for the millionth time, so worried about Felix… He’d left so abruptly.

“Ry? I’m back!” He heard his boyfriend’s voice call from the other room. Ryan darted out and tackled Felix, holding him tightly.

“You had me so worried! What happened?! Are you okay!?” Ryan panicked, laying on top of Felix on the floor.

“I’m sorry, I’m fine… It’s Mark, he tried to kill himself, he’s fine now, they just stitched up his wrist, Jack caught him before he could get to the other, and he’s hopefully coming home tomorrow.” Felix explained to the boy.

“Oh my God, Felix, I feel so bad! Why’d he do that?” Ryan climbed off his boyfriend’s chest, sitting on the floor next to him. Felix sat up and ruffled his hair to fix it.

“He said he had nobody left… His family and him were in a really serious car accident a couple days ago… His dad died and his mom could die and his brother has stabilized… finally.”

"Wow... That really must suck for him..." Ryan sighed.

"Yeah, and he's in love with Jack and he had to sit and watch the love of his life make a date with someone else... Isn't that just awful!" Felix groaned and Ryan shook his head.

"He must be so happy that he's alive right now huh?" Ryan muttered sarcastically. "He seemed like it..."


"Hey..." Jack squirmed as he entered Mark's hospital room.

"Hi." Mark mumbled flatly.

"I just wanted to stop in and see if you needed anything... Felix said your nurse, Janice is a total bitch so I thought I should get you something if you needed it." Jack mumbled.

"I'm fine."

"Okay... I'm happy that you're okay Mark, I am so happy! I really can't wait for you to get out of here and get better, you scared me so much I thought that-"

"Jack, hush... I don't regret what I did and I'd do it again." Mark hissed seriously. Jack looked hurt, tears in his eyes.

"I know y-you just lost your dad but... Felix and I-I are here for you... We're a family on our own." Jack whimpered like a beaten puppy.

"I don't give a fuck, I don't want to be a part of any 'family' I just want to die! I have no use on earth, I'm a waste of fucking space, can't you see that Jack!" Mark shouted.

"Y-You are not, you mean the world to me, and you’re the only real friend I've ever had... I knew you didn't want me around..." Jack paused, sniffling, "I-I was just hoping someone did..." Hearing his words killed Mark. He was in love with him and Jack thought that Mark could hate him... The pain from earlier returned to Mark's chest.

"I-I'll just g-go..." Jack quivered, tears now falling from his beautiful blue eyes.

"Jack, I didn't mean that, I'm just upset and have nobody to talk to about it and I'm taking it out on you... I'm sorry..." Mark pressed.

“Really?" Sniffed Jack, "You didn't mean any of it?"

"I did mean it when I said I didn't regret it."

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