This should be interesting...

Just a little bit into my little scheme here, I guess I'll have to walk.


2. Really

Wow this couldn't be any more. I love my job. I love my house. I love my family even though they're all freaking crazy. This normally has to do only with what happens outside of school and outside of the house but it's gone another route. Mom what's for dinner? I asked. Nothing not yet I haven't really cooked anything I was thinking of doing a casserole but then I found out that there was this Dorito dish that I really want to do we don't have any Doritos so I was thinking maybe some jungle stew. But that all goes around whether or not we have tuna or not wait no we don't need tuna 4 that. What's going on in my mind it's a little crazy right now maybe Caitlin will know yeah that'll work. She said. Yeah I have a sister her name is Caitlin she went off looking for her father and her brother the other year saying I was I was there but they didn't know. Sometimes things just happen without you knowing it though it had been for years I guess I was just more night I don't know. I just showed up at their door. They never knew I was coming. I don't know how old I was I think I was like wow I was wondering around the forest and I lost my family because they disband me that's why I was wondering around the forest. So I ran away to their house middle of the Woods. My father's name well my adopted father his name is Loki. Loki Laufeyson man I love him. He's a trickster of the Gods nothing else can pass him unless it's his father about the father anyway it's Odin king of Gods I think. I don't know that much about my family but they're all adopted in some sort of way. Adopted by me hahahahaha. I have a cat with me to his name is doodle he is the sweetest Ginger Kitty ever. And with that being rough and tough damn you Thor. I asked him too take me in but you said no so I moved on to his brother Loki. Loki is awesome the key is smartness and you can never take that away from their mother either. She's awesome too I'll never forget her. I mean it was so long ago that I met her. It's been about 10 years since I have. Phone number as well.

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