This should be interesting...

Just a little bit into my little scheme here, I guess I'll have to walk.


1. Oh God...

Then there are times when your islandic flying lighthouse with only one bulb gets shot down in flames by a bunch of militant choppers armed with heavy assault rifles. Now is one of those times. My time traveling wolf of the name Jeff at my heels sniffing around at all of the different colored nail polish I have around me. Jeff is actually a wolf s, but my twin sister that it was funny to speak Cheetos upper nose pretending that her nose hair grows long is Rapunzel's hair and just started to eat the Cheetos out of her nose. It was hilarious! One whole day night is all you need to screw something up! This like rashes 67 can tell you that story. I can be quite convincing on why I don't like half the Snowman missing, but that's just how things go. My pet juju is frailing, he just got wet the other day, stupid birds. Walking through my brothers room I realized there was nothing else to hide. They were toys all over the floor and pajamas scattered everywhere. That couldn't be any more suspenseful. But I realized that it can't be reasoned with anymore. It's too complicated in my house. Nothing that I'd really like to do because really it's awkward. But as soon as I got the third period with my friends at school, it really has nothing to enjoy. Well it's been almost a day I've been living here since yesterday. I have really nothing to enjoy I mean it's so wet and crazy. Why can't I live a normal life?

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