Magic Always Comes with a Price. Always. (OUAT) (S2)

With the curse broken, life as Hazelle knows it, is about to change. After going to a new land, meeting interesting people, coming home, and trying to keep normal people from coming into Storybrooke, Hazelle is about to see what being a hero is all about. Can she handle it? Is she strong enough? Will she fall in love? Read and find out. I only own my OCs.


3. Lady of the Lake

I stood next to Emma awkwardly as she talked to Cora. I was still trying to place where I’ve heard of Cora, but nothing was coming to mind, until Cora told us that Regina was her daughter. That made so much more sense now. I remember Regina telling me that her mother was crazy, but she seems okay to me. Before anyone could say anything else, Mary-Margaret came to and jumped in between Emma, Cora, and I. I couldn’t really hear what Mary-Margaret was saying because I was still trying to figure out how to get us out of here. Everyone’s conversation came to an end when a rope was thrown down.
“Our leader requests an audience.” a guard hollered down at us.
I just glared at him and followed everyone out of the pit or whatever the hell it’s called. After we got out, I stood off to the side as Mary-Margaret and Emma got into a heated argument. I figured it had something to do with Cora, so I was just going to let them figure it out. Before we knew it, a man came out of a hut, and I swear he looks familiar.
“Lancelot?” Mary-Margaret questioned.
“Snow?” Lancelot questioned back.
Emma and I exchanged glances before turning back to our “mother”. Sorry, I’m still not used to calling her that. Mary-Margaret turned back to us and was going to introduce us, but Emma beat her to it.
“Lancelot? Really?” Emma asked.
“He’s an old friend. We can trust him.” Mary-Margaret told Emma and me.
Emma and I just exchanged looks. I just shook my head but I couldn’t shake this feeling that we were being watched. I decided not to dwell on it, so I just went and sat down with Emma, Mary-Margaret, and Lancelot. Lancelot placed a plate of some type meat in front of us, and I was about to ask but Emma beat me to it.
“What the hell is that?” Emma asked.
“That is chimera. An acquired taste, but all our hunting party could bring back. One part lion, one part serpent, one part goat.” Lancelot replied.
“Like turducken?” Emma asked.
“I don’t understand. We were told this land didn’t even exist anymore. How did you all escape the curse?” Mary-Margaret questioned pulling the conversation away from the food.
“It is a mystery. The curse struck and when the smoke cleared, most of us had been torn from this land. But some of us here, in this particular region, were left behind. We don’t know how, and we don’t know why. Finding this safe haven wasn’t easy. Took some spilled blood. But worry not. You’re safe here.” Lancelot replied.
I believed him, but I didn’t want to stay here. I wanted to get back home. I miss my friends and family, and I miss my bed. What? I’m tired and just want to sleep. I’ll probably crash once we get back, but that’s after I crush everyone in a hug.
“We can’t stay. My husband’s back there, Emma’s son --- my grandson. We have to get back to them. Can you help us find a portal?” Mary-Margaret asked.
“No, leaving is unwise. The Enchanted Forest is not as you remember it. The ogres have returned.” Lancelot replied.
“Ogres?” “Like, as in fee-fi-fo-fum?” Emma started and I finished.
See? Emma and I think too much alike. And people wondered why we get along so well.
“Those would be giants.” Mary-Margaret scolded us.
I just shrugged m shoulders and glanced at Emma, who just copied me. Again, we think just alike. I’m glad that we’re friends, or as of right now, family.
“Ogres are far worse. And that’s why we live here. On this island, where it’s safe. Please, Snow. Stay here. There are no more portals left.” Lancelot finished explaining to Emma and I before turning to Mary-Margaret.
“I might know of one.” Mary-Margaret told us.
“You do?” Emma and I asked at the exact same time.
“Where?” Lancelot questioned and I knew right then that something was off about him.
“Cora’s near. I don’t feel comfortable voicing my plans. She’s powerful.” Mary-Margaret whispered.
“Not anymore. The curse stripped her of her powers. But, given her reputation, we kept her locked up as a precaution.” Lancelot said.
I’m not convinced by that. I’m now convinced that Lancelot isn’t who he says he is. I’m not going to say anything because I want whoever this is to show themselves first, and I have an idea on who it is.
“Nevertheless, I’m not taking any chances. Just trust me. I may have a way. Let us go?” Mary-Margaret asked.
“I’ll allow it. But on one condition --- take my bravest warrior with you. Allow Mulan to defend you.” Lancelot replied before calling Mulan over.
“We can defend ourselves.” Emma jumped in and I just agreed with her.
“Deal. Thank you, Lancelot. For always looking out for me.” Mary-Margaret told Lancelot with a smile.
Mulan walked us over to an arsenal of weapons. Emma didn’t seem too happy about having to choose from them, but Mary-Margaret picks up a bow and arrow, and then picks up a sword as Emma gets her gun back from Mulan. I looked through the weapons and chose exactly what Mary-Margaret did. She was shocked that I chose those weapons, but something was pulling me to them.
The walk was quite unpleasant because Emma and Mary-Margaret wouldn’t quit bickering. I just let them hash it out, but I knew that in the end, we would all stick together. The only thing I did get from their conversation is that we were going home, and by home, I don’t mean Storybrooke, I mean the castle where Snow and Charming lived. I must have been in a daze because I noticed that Emma and I were alone in a big, empty clearing.
“Where in hell did everyone else go?” I questioned Emma.
“Mary-Margaret and Mulan went to go get wood and water. Where have you been?” Emma replied while looking at me.
“I guess I just zoned out.” I answered honestly.
The quiet was starting to get to me, but that soon changed when I saw Aurora attack Mary-Margaret. I was about to go help, but Mulan beat me to it, and then Emma decides to fire her gun, but that was a bad idea.
“Emma, what are you doing?” Mary-Margaret asked in shock.
“Protecting you. Drop the weapons.” Emma demanded.
“Do you have any idea what you’ve just done?” Mary-Margaret asked but this time in horror.
We heard a growling sound approaching us, and it didn’t take a genius to figure out what it was.
“Ogres?” Emma questioned.
“Run!” Mary-Margaret yelled as the ogre appeared in the clearing.
We’re all running from the ogre, and Mary-Margaret tells Mulan that we should split up. I think that’s a good idea because the ogre can’t catch us all if we’re split up. Before I knew it, Emma was face to face with the ogre until Mary-Margaret diverts its attention to her and shoots it in the eye, successfully killing it.
“You have to shoot them in the eye.” Mary-Margaret told me and Emma since both of us were in complete and utter shock.
“When was the last time you shot an arrow?” Emma asked the question that both of us were wondering.
“Twenty-eight years ago. Guess it’s like riding a bike.” Mary-Margaret replied with a shrug.
“Yeah, but how did you know you could hit that?” I questioned this time.
“I didn’t. And next time, listen to me? That kind of thing isn’t going to work here.” Mary-Margaret replied, but directed the rest of her sentence to Emma.
“Yeah…” was all Emma could say.
“We should get going.” Mary-Margaret said as she led the way.
I felt bad for Emma, but I think she deserved that though. Maybe we can hurry up and get back home because I’m starting to get a bad feeling the more time we spend here. We ended up meeting back up with Mulan and Aurora, and once we reached a cliff, we could see a castle in the distance.
“Is that it?” Mulan questioned.
“Yeah. That’s our home.” Mary-Margaret replied with a smile.
I honestly can’t wait to see what our room looked like. Once we got inside the castle, Mary-Margaret led us to the nursery, which was supposed to be mine and Emma’s room. Before too long, Lancelot shows up, and Mary-Margaret points her sword at him. Cora appeared in Lancelot’s place and I knew that I had been right this whole time.
Mary-Margaret goes to attack Cora, but she gets pinned to the wall, so Emma and I try to help, but get shoved back by her magic. Emma and I try again, but get wrapped up in a rug, so Emma does the only thing she could think of and lights the tree on fire.
“No!” Cora yells as she pulls the fire off the tree and flings it towards Emma and I, but it gets blocked by Mulan and I was happy to see her.
“Mulan!” Mary-Margaret yelled happily.
“We’re not done here.” Cora told us before magically apparating out of the room.
I knew she meant that, but I only wish that I knew what she had in mind. I was about to leave the nursery with Mulan and Aurora, but Emma stopped me. I felt kinda awkward being in their mother-daughter moment, but I guess I’m stuck now.
“I’m not used to someone putting me first.” was all I got of Emma’s long speech.
Mary-Margaret embraced Emma and told her, “Well, get used to it.” I was about to cry, but Mary-Margaret pulled away from Emma, came over, and hugged me.
“You better get used to it too.” Mary-Margaret whispered to me.
I just nodded m head and hugged her back. We finally broke apart and left the nursery. I may not know what Cora is planning, but I do know that we will stop her no matter what.


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