1. New Kid


Ugh..... I can't believe I have to go back to hell. Last year was the same crap. Summer was the worst this year. My stepmother just hit and abused me like every other day... Except she did it for the whole summer. Other people think of me like, some " anorexic mess" or " suicidal emo freak" or any of that crap..... To be honest..... I am exactly all of those things. But I'm not the "emotional" type of person, I really don't give two shits of what anyone has to say about me.....I'm my own enemy. Like if you're being a huge asshole to me... I'll be an even bigger asshole towards you.... Tbh... I'm pretty mean once you talk to me.... But no one tries to.......And I like it that way. No people. No problems. I probably sound like a total bitch. Lol. I woke up to my stupid alarm. I think to myself," my life is just so full of shit.." I then get up from my bed. Lazily walk to the bathroom brush my teeth and walk to my bed again and sit on the edge. I take out my clothes. It's not girly. But then again I'm not girly. It's a BMTH shirt with skinny jeans. I skipped my clothes on along with my black converse. I then go up to my mirror and look myself over. Brush my black emo-looking hair and place my beanie on. I look like a walking whale. Other people say I look like a walking stick but it's not true at all. I shake my head to clear my thoughts and grab my PAT!D backpack... And head out the door.... Wait I almost forgot my keys. I finally arrived at the main entrance of hell. People looked at me in the hall and just snickered and sneered pointing at me. I was just jamming out to ATL. Like I said..... I don't give a shit! I finally went to first period.... I hate it. It's like being trapped in a room with cockroaches..... Bet that'd be better than this. Then some kid with crazy red hair walked In...along with the principal. The teacher stepped out as the principal was going to explain who the guy was. He then said," hello class, this is my nephew " Michael" he is new and he's going to be attending this school.... Please do me a favor and be nice to him... He's new and all.. That is all.... Thank you for your cooperation... You may continue class...." That Mitchell kid was trying to figure out where to sit.... He looked at everyone with disgust in his eyes. Like me. But he better not look, talk, or sit by me. He then decide to sit all the way in the back in the left corner. Good thing I sit all the way in the back in the right corner. He examined everyone's face. Except mine. That's good. Right?

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