Riley's POV

Great. Another day of hell. I got dressed and drove to the school. When I went to my last period... That Michael dude just HAD to sit next to me!!!! Out of all the people in this fucking room he chooses to sit next to me?!? I sigh and just copy the white board In front of me not knowing what any of it means. He then taps my shoulder and passes me a note saying,"Sup!!! My name is Michael... But you can call me Mikey... Wanna be friends?" I scoff and roll my eyes and crumple the paper and say," does that answer your question?.....'mikey' "

Michael's POV

Wow.... That was cold.... Maybe she's one of those people who hate people.... Does that even make sense? But I'm not giving up just yet.... I'm gonna find a way to have a friendship with her.... She's..... Different. She's also really pretty. But for now I'm gonna stick to the "acquaintance zone ". I notice myself starting to stare at her for longer that expected. She then shifts uncomfortably. I then.... Well I meant to slap my self mentally... But I actually did it... And everyone stared at me and started bickering and sneering about me. I suddenly felt my self esteem lower... Like lower than hell.... Then this kid that had blonde hair styled in a quiff and a lip piercing said," wow....another emo freak..... Guess they'll win the most depressing couple of the year..." Everyone was laughing.... But I didn't get it when he said 'couple' who's the girl? That's when SHE ran out of that class angrily. Oh.... They were talking about us....... Great. I ruined her life...... I should just stay out of everyone's way.... I've been lonely since elementary..... Might as well kill myself....


A/N: this is my first book so sorry if it sucks cock... But I hope you like it.....

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