The Dragon Twins

"The brave men did not kill dragons. The brave men rode them." -Game of Thrones. Dragons. The most ruly, uncontrollable creature in the Wizarding World. Barely contained. Until, out of nowhere, appear two young wizards with a mysterious past and a destiny entwined around dragons.


1. Bloodbath

Smoke crawled lazily across the burnt ground. It was silent, except for the sizzling of still burning corpses. Large masses, they were, too large to be human. The sky was grey and thick smoke hung between the large rocks surrounding the area. Small fires still burned as a young, red haired man made his way around the large rocks surrounding him. Moving carefully, as if he didn't want to wake the dead, he stepped around a large rock. Behind the stone lay the only creature that wasn't a mass of black, burnt flesh. It was large, covered in pearly white scales that gleamed, though the sky was cloudy. The man's eyes widened in surprise.

"An Antipodean Opaleye," he breathed out reverently. A cry shattered the silence, and slowly formed into a wail. Startled, the man crept closer to the dragon. It was obviously dead, a deep cut in it's throat, its opal eyes staring at nothing. Its body was curled inwards with its wings stretched over the ground next to its chest. It almost looked like it was protecting something. The cry sounded again, but this time more human-like. The man knelt cautiously and lifted up the dragon's out stretched wing. When he saw what was underneath, he gave a gasp. Two babies laying in the dirt, naked. They were curled up against the dragon's breast like, they would their mother. The girl was sleeping deeply, while the boy continued to cry, most likely from the cold. His sister had taken up the best spot next to the dragon's dying body. Confused, the red-haired man looked at the dragon's dead eyes.

"What happened here?" he whispered, as if the beautiful creature would come to life and tell him. As the baby began to cry again, he quickly pulled off his jacket and wrapped their small bodies in it. His jostling woke the girl, and the babies opened their eyes to see their intruder. The man's brow furrowed in confusion. The children's eyes were a beautiful opal, identical to the dragon sheltering them. He cradled the children in his arms, comforting them.

"It's okay now," he said, an endearing look falling upon his face. "You're alright now." And he walked away, disappearing into the smoke.

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