Boy Toy

Of course I was the one to fall in love with a bad boy.


1. One


Rain pattered pettily at the window panes, making tiny tapping noises against the glass slates. The clock ticked timelessly to itself, tick tock tick tock, all hollow and sorrowful. The sofas sat opposite one another, staring blankly into each others eyes, feeling each others pain and lack of joyfulness, as if their souls had been removed and replaced with towers of sadness. The TV crackled with a wincing feel, making the room flinch with terror at each crackle it echoed.

I stood helplessly in the centre of it all, twirling dizzily in circles, disorientated and dismal, unable to control myself and relying on the whimpering furniture to catch my lingering body as it swayed like a drunkard after a Saturday night in the pub. I didn't know what to do, I was only a small girl with tiny wrists and at a disadvantage when it came to strength. 


The day had passed finally, it was four months on and I was back in school, still scarred with the bruising memories of that one day, but hiding the pain deep beneath a layer of thick make up. Bridgewood, my new start. I was somewhat excited although rather fathomed at all of the commotion which was being made in the hallways, previously I was at an all girls school so this was definitely a change. You may think girls are giggly and loud and uncontrollable, but once stuffed together in buildings full of chambers and cooped in dorms and classrooms together for years, they become rather quiet and enclosed. No one wants to get hurt.

I stumbled incoherently down the cleansed, bleak hallway of the school and to my designated locker; locker 225. I flung it open and shoved my lunch and a couple revision guides into the main bit whilst stacking perfumes onto the top shelf- you can never smell too good. 

The rusted red bell clanked ear-shatteringly, signalling that it was time to get a move on to lesson if I didn't want to be late to first period.

The classroom was as expected, a coat of thick beige paint smothered on the wall along with 'encouraging' and educating posters although they were far from encouraging in my personal view. "Ah, Mrs McKenzie, take a seat in the last available seat at the far right of the room please," urged a short lady with round glasses and lips stained red, 

"Um, okay," I stumbled after, walking between the rows of seats and to my designated seat. A scrawny boy, circled glasses and fringe cut hair sat in the opposite corner at the back, sniffling into a book with a computer illustrated in a cartoon-science-fiction way. A blonde boy with peachy cheeks and big blue eyes sat the row ahead of me, directly in front. 

And then there was him...

A bubbly girl with whitened teeth and a face caked with make up dawdled dreamily into the room, twirling hair around her forefinger and flirtatiously giggling with the blonde boy- what a flirt! Other students filed in orderly, groups of giggling girls and triumphs of boisterous boys all chanting and screaming and imitating the other girls.

And then there was him...

He was less exuberant than the other gents, he was more mysterious and melancholy, sort of pensive. His expression portrayed him as being gloomy. He wore dark denim jeans and a midnight leather jacket, a white shirt flattered his toned stomach underneath the leather. I longed to talk to him but I struggled rather awfully to fathom an orderly, interesting introduction of any sort so left him to lounge in his seat undisturbed.

As class broke and students filed manically into the blank school hallways and I, as everyone was on their first day, was left alone, stranded rather awkwardly behind two red heads and sandwiched between a couple of, what I observed to be, "school jocks". An elbow was thrown directly my way and jabbed painfully into my left hand side as the jocks knocked each other to either side of the corridors, seemingly oblivious to their fellow commuters. 

Lunchtime came around slowly, almost at a sluggish pace, with crowds of students yelling away outside and inside the food court. I sat alone, clinging to my mobile phone.

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