Silly Little Flashbacks

Yukio falls asleep studying after Rin had already been asleep. Hinted Yukio x Rin. Pure Fluff.


3. Yet Another Chapter

(Flashback, Normal P.O.V.)

(Twins  Age 10)

Rin and Yukio were sleeping in their shared bed, with the two cuddling with each other, as usual. Rin, though, was staring to sweat and had a queer expression on his face. He shifted in his sleep, multiple times, which caused Yukio to wake up. "Mmm.... Nii-san...?" He mumbled, before noticing how Rin was acting. "Wah, Nii-san! Are you sick?!" Rin stayed asleep, but mumbled in his sleep, a kind of stifled moan, which Yukio assumed was from pain. Yukio got up and ran to go get Shiro. "Dad! I think Nii-san is sick!" Shiro got up from his bed, "Hmm? Sick? Him? Haha so something finally broke through his super human protective boundaries?" Shiro chuckled as he spoke, but then saw that Yukio genuinely looked worried. "Okay, so lets see him then." Shiro stood up and followed Yukio to where they slept. Rin was all red and sweaty, and he clutched the sheets in one of his hands. "Nn...Y-Yukio..." This caused Shiro's eyes to widen, while Yukio ran to him, not understanding. "Yes, Nii-san? How do you feel?" Shiro scratched the back of his head. "Ah... Yukio? I think this is kind of a wake up call for me... That you and Rin should start to sleep in separate beds." Yukio looked at him, surprised. "Huh? Why? I don't want to have to stop sleeping with Nii-san, I love my brother..." Shiro felt slightly guilty, and thought a minute before coming up with a solution for an answer. "I know, hmm... How about this. I could get you two a bunk bed with the money I get after we sell this bed, that way it's still the same bed, just different mattresses, and we could save money! And knowing Rin, he'd think it would be, as he says, "Pretty cool!" "He grinned at his resolution. Yukio thought, while holding Rin's other hand and looking at him worryingly. "Well.... I guess that's okay, if Nii-San likes it.... But... why exactly?" Shiro thought of a way to give a better answer, without giving the full 'talk' just yet. "Well... You're both getting older... and you could either make each other too cool or take away the others coolness!" He grinned again. Yukio looked confused, not really buying it. "What...? Well.... if it's that important that you can't tell me, then I guess you're right about the bed thing... I just hope Nii-San is okay..." Shiro chuckled, and ruffled Yukio's hair lightly. "Haha, you're gonna be a genius one day. And don't worry, he's gonna be fine. You'll see, when he wakes up. Well actually... We might want to wake him up now......" Yukio smiled up at him a little. "Well I'm glad he'll be fine. And I can wake him up." Yukio looked back down at his older twin and put his hand to his head for a moment to double check for a fever, then proceeded to lightly shake him. Rin didn't wake up, but shifted once more. "Nii-san! You need to wake up like dad said!" He shook him once more, not roughly, but with slightly more force than before. "Nn....wha...?" Rin was beginning to awaken, with his grip on the sheets loosening and sweat cooling. He opened his eyes slowly and stared at Yukio. "Y-Yukio?!" He jumped up, face suddenly a violent red. Yukio was yet again confused now. "Hmm? Nii-San, what's the matter?" He looked concerned yet again, while Shiro looked slightly uncomfortable, knowing exactly what was going on. Rin spoke again, blush going down slightly, but still there indeed. "U-um.... nothing! Bad....dream? I dunno, y-you just surprised me is all." He laughed nervously, not wanting anyone know of his actual dream, and was confused to why he had it in the first place. "Oh, well if you're sure you're fine, then I should tell you, dad said we'll be getting a new bed soon, and I think you'll like it! It's a bunk bed!" He smiled at Rin, trying to make him happier. "Wah, cool! A bunk bed? Neat!" Rin was grinning now, trying to hide his embarrassment. Shiro spoke up, "Wellll, i'm tired, and you seem alright, right Rin? I'm gonna hit the hay, so let's hope you don't have anymore bad dreams, right? Night, Yukio, Rin." He grinned at them and brought them into a bear hug before leaving the room, but worrying about the thought of whats happening now, that they, well at least Rin, was starting to hit puberty, and early too. Yukio got back under the covers, and laid back down. "Night, Nii-San. I hope you don't have another bad dream. " Rin smiled at Yukio. "Ha, don't worry, this time if I do, i'm prepared! I am your big bro after all right? So I can do anything!" He was laughing as he plopped next to Yukio in bed again, really hoping he didn't have another 'bad dream', due to embarrassment.


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