Silly Little Flashbacks

Yukio falls asleep studying after Rin had already been asleep. Hinted Yukio x Rin. Pure Fluff.


2. Another Chapter

(Yukio's P.O.V.)

BEEP BEEP BEEP. I heard the alarm clock go off, but strangely enough, I... didn't want to get up, I was comfortable. I didn't remember going to sleep, but I assume I fell asleep at my desk. Then where was I? I felt someone's arms wrapped around me in a embrace, and realized my arms were looped around their torso as well, and my face was against their chest, presumably male. I opened my eyes. It was Rin! I shook him to wake him up. "N-Nii-san?" He opened his eyes slowly. "Mm...wha...?" He then jolted a little, eyes widening. "Crap! Am I late for school again?!" I sighed. "No, but turn off the alarm. And I have to ask you something." He did so, so I asked away. "Er, Nii-san, what am I doing in your bed?" Rin looked confused for a moment, before answering. "Oh, yeah. You fell asleep studying late last night, so I was going to bring you to your bed, but that's the top bunk, so I just put you in my bed." It didn't explain why we were cuddling though. I sighed, "Nii-san, you could have just left me there, or woken me up. And.... Why are we cuddling?" Rin looked at his arms, confused again. He was still barely awake after he wasn't going to be late for school. He chuckled though. "As the older brother, I shouldn't let my younger brother stay where it's obviously uncomfortable, and you need your sleep." I rolled my eyes and let him continue. "And I dunno why i'm cuddling you, I wasn't last night. But last night when I got back in bed, you hugged me in your sleep." He was grinning. I felt a tint of a red heat my cheeks. "Oh, sorry about that then... Hn, remember the thing that got us to stop? We've still slept together a few times since, but the main thing." Rin's face burned red from embarrassment of the memory. "H-hey! It could have easily been you, you know..." Now it was my time to laugh. "Ha, I know..."

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