The Forbidden Child

What if all those stories about werewolves, vampires and witches were real? What if there was a child that should have never been born?


1. Prologue

The humans don't know a thing about us. We keep hidden very well. People tend to think that we are just crazy people who believe that we are: werewolves, vampires, or witches. We all do not get along. Especially the witches with everyone else. The witches are the ruling class. Since we have the power to pacify any revolution, no one can fight back. The ruling class: the Walchelinus have the most power. I am one of the most powerful witches in our world because I am from the ruling class. Here in our world which we call "the veil" we are both modern and 19th century. The royal family does wear those fancy clothes with crowns but we also keep up with the latest in technology. We also have jeans and such but that is only used on non fair days. Despite what you might think we are good to our people. Well.....some of us are. The werewolves are the lowest, the trash, according to my parents and their people.  The vampires are like the middle class, they get treated better. Each of these species has their ambassadors who have seats in our council. Each of the species speak a different language but they are all required to speak the witch language which is Latin. Which is a give in since that is the language of most spells. That is not important though. What is important is that I am the rightful ruler of the Veil. I will prevail. And that's pretty much all you need to know about our little world.

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