MY New Year"s Resolution (AN ORIGINAL)


1. MY New Year's Resolution

New Year, new me

Is what I say every year

Over and over, again and again

This pattern can never see to change

Every end of year

I face the same pain

The pain of not staying true

True, to me

And all I wish to be

The determination and purpose

Seems to fade,

Throughout the year

But maybe this year will be different

Just maybe my fears of failure

Will be overcome with commitment

Could this be?

Just maybe I can commit to my 2016 resolution

My resolution of discovering who I am

 And just who I’m meant to be

Don’t get me wrong

I still don’t be believe in density

But just faith that I’ll find my own way

I need to see this true

I need to make a breakthrough

Case if I don’t

I’ll remain the same old me

The old me I swore I’ll never again be!


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