The Choice

An apocalypse erupts around you. Several choices lie ahead. If you choose wrong, you die. Make sure you make the right choice.

Credit to K..S for the cover.


40. 40

Yin does everything he can to wake Harry up. Meanwhile, Pamela and Julia Orcini also become pregnant. 

When the time comes to leave the bunker, they all gather at the door and try to leave. The door requires an exit code. As Harry built the bunker, he was the only one who knew it.

Over the next few weeks they try everything they can to break down the door. They begin to starve. Yin and Susan commit suicide. The others turn to cannibalism to survive. Pamela miscarries. Without a midwife or doctor to help, she dies. Just when all seems lost, Harry wakes up and opens the door. The survivors leave and go their seperate ways. They have survived but the human race will die.

The End.

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