The Choice

An apocalypse erupts around you. Several choices lie ahead. If you choose wrong, you die. Make sure you make the right choice.

Credit to K..S for the cover.


33. 33

After a few weeks, Sara Rookwood can't sleep. She gets up and discovers James Berk and John Michaels sleeping together. An argument ensues as Sara thinks they wasted a space in the bunker on a man, John, who refuses to sleep with women. James, as it turns out, is bisexual. The argument wakes the others up. They decide it is time to start a breeding programme.

After three months, no one is pregnant. Harry says they need to start a new programme with multiple partners for the women and all must take part, no matter their sexuality or moral beliefs. Sara says that she will not do this and if Harry tries to force her, she will kill him. 

If you agree with Sara, turn to chapter 36.

If you talk Sara into the new breeding programme, turn to chapter 37.

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