The Choice

An apocalypse erupts around you. Several choices lie ahead. If you choose wrong, you die. Make sure you make the right choice.

Credit to K..S for the cover.


24. 24

Jack knows how to sail boat and they are near a beach. Simon, Sebastian and Amelia accompany him. They find a yacht and out run the blasts and radiation. Out at sea, they run out of fuel. They rig a sail and take turns rowing until they realise they are lost. They ration food until there is none left. They lie there and wait for death.

Sebastian sees a bird and knows that land must be close. He tells the others and they see land within a few hours. They are not sure if they have enough strength to steer the boat but it might be possible to swim.

If you choose to swim, turn to chapter 26.

If you choose to steer the boat, turn to chapter 27.

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