The Choice

An apocalypse erupts around you. Several choices lie ahead. If you choose wrong, you die. Make sure you make the right choice.

Credit to K..S for the cover.


22. 22

An explosion goes off far away but the effects are felt in a city. 19 people find each other. Nathan Moore and Harry Wilson were on their way to inspect a newly finished bunker designed for a nuclear war. All 19 steal a minivan and make their way there, depositing the previous dead owners on the pavement. When they get there, they find that the bunker only has supplies and oxygen for ten people for a year, which is how long it will take for the radiation to subside to survivable levels. Anyone not in the bunker will probably die. There are one hundred bunkers like this over the world. The people in the bunkers will have to rebuild the human race. The group of 19 will have to decide which 10 deserve a place in this bunker.

The people who get a place are: John Michaels, Susan Peel, Pamela Stevenson, James Berk, Yin Cho, Julia Orcini, Sara Rookwood, Harry Wilson, Emily Summers, Linda Anwar.

The people who do not get a place are: Amelia Strong, Jack Jones, Nathan Moore, Jane Norton, Robert Hale, Simon Parks, Davy Smith, Ellen Shell, Sebastian Webb.

It is decided that everyone will take five minutes before going into the bunker. Those who did not make the cut will set out on their own. 


If you are Nathan Moore, turn to chapter 23.

If you are Jane Norton, Ellen Shell or Davy Smith, turn to chapter 25.

If you are Simon Parks, Sebastian Webb, Robert Hale, Jack Jones or Amelia Strong, turn to chapter 24.

Everyone else, turn to chapter 31.




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