The Choice

An apocalypse erupts around you. Several choices lie ahead. If you choose wrong, you die. Make sure you make the right choice.

Credit to K..S for the cover.


1. 1

I've had the idea to write something like this for a long time but didn't know how to go about writing it. The other day I saw a film that basically put my idea on the screen. I used the film as inspiration and this is the result. There is a lot to write so some of it is just plot line and not a fleshed out story. The good thing about this kind of story is that it can be forever in progress.If you want to help out or can think up another story line, please let me know and I'll add you to the authors list. I've set the story at an unknown point in the future so that I can do things like only needing a year for nuclear radiation to fade away.

Here are the rules:

1) This movella contains multiple stories and the chapters are not in chronological order, so pay attention. 

2) Pick a number. Your number will give you a character. Odd numbers are male, even are female. Once you have picked a character you will be directed to a profile of your character. Once you have read your character profile, please stick to it until you finish the story or die as the profile contains information that none of the other characters know.

3) At the end of each chapter, you will be given a choice. Depending on your answer, you will be told to turn to another chapter and so on until you either die or the story ends. Some of the stories overlap so please don't read a chapter unless instructed to as it may spoil the story.

Have fun!


Turn to chapter 2.

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