Precision of the Giant Woman [Steven Universe Fan Fiction]

Steven and Garnet are nowhere to be found. Pearl and Amethyst are alone with one another for the day on a mission to capture a gemstone.


1. Precision Of The Giant Woman [Steven Universe Fan Fiction]

Amethyst, the purple skinned 'gem' whose similar to all the individuals coming from gem origins. They look humanoid addition to their specific stone on a particular body part. For Amethyst, hers were on her chest area. In a sense, the gemstone linked to her name and life source. It is the same case for the rest of the team which she lived with. The team were referred to as the, 'Crystal Gems'. Today, the others besides Pearl were nowhere to be found in the Crystal Temple. Normally, it is a usual quiet when one or more people aren't settled here, the place the four of them call home. The youngest Gem, Steven is also nowhere to be seen. Garnet, the leader is often the busiest are usually off on missions or tasks. However, Amethyst is sometimes the opposite of the leader and less productive. She would be seen in the house-like section of the temple. Her eyelashes aligned over closed eyelids adorning the smooth purple skin of hers in during the deep slumber she partakes in. An average gem wouldn't need to sleep or eat. Although, she defies this rule by doing when she desires to. Positioning her chubby figure from her left side to lay flat on her back over the cozy ivory couch. she would extend her arms with thin fingers curled into tight fists stretching outwards in her once undisturbed sleep. The conscious of her body were waking up and so was she. Minor flaps of skin from the lids covering her eyes ascends, revealing indigo irises and black pupils at their center. Vision blurred in a hazy visual sighting. They would soon began to adjust to the lighting of the room; the light projected in the house-like temple from the sun. She could feel the warm tingling touch of the rays of light the sun produced from afar in the sky’s canvas. Soon after the stretch, the right hand on the owning side would descend to nearly brush plump lips that sampled her own skin’s color. No form of makeup were on her face, instead it was a fresh natural look to wake up and release an unrestrained yawn from her mouth. Her hair were a bit messy but hardly noticeable to be considered ‘bad’. It is a snowy white, smooth textured hair strands (as soft as her skin) that went about in waves hanging down in draping motion, shaping up her face. Her right side of her face would be covered by hair while the left and middle expose her eye and upturned nose. She were a human like gem who have the appeal of facial feature attraction for a woman of four feet. She sat upright before allowing her legs and feet to swoop themselves off the couch to the tiled floor. She stands up with her white ankle boots already on her feet. In complete attire, Amethyst wears an oversized, gray tank top that slides off the shoulder on her right and black leggings with a star each where the knees would be located. Where is everyone?’ She pondered in her mind. The thought of wonder is would be with good reason. Steven is usually around. She expected Garnet to be out and about. But Pearl? She didn’t care to find her whereabouts just yet. What she did instead is search for the snack she chosen to eat yesterday: Fry Bits. The leftover things left from making French fries. Some minor grease were dried up at the bottom of the bag, it came in. She found the bag underneath one of the couch’s pillows in which she laid her head on. Beginning to munch on the bits after unroll the bag’s opening and stick her hand to grab the tasty snack, another person made their presence known the moment the door from their room had opened. Long legs, hair cropped short peach-pink, pale skin? It was no one other than Pearl. When Amethyst gotten a glimpse of her, she deeply sighed in between at Pearl’s presence in between swallowing the chewed bit and taking another handful. Pearl had stepped into the living room wearing the usual clothing set of: A sleeveless, sky blue top and ballet skirt around her waist. She is structured as a thin, slender and tall woman so to speak. Leggings are underneath her skirt with light green socks and matching ballet flats. Her signature name gem is located upon her forehead. Noticing her ‘comrade’ eating her snack, she decided to converse with her.

“Didn’t you have that yesterday, Amethyst?” She inquired.

“What’s it to you?” Amethyst replied rudely in between bites of consuming more of the food. “This isn’t your room where it’s a junkyar—Ugh! Forget it!” Pearl had changed her message in mid sentence.

“Where’s Steven and Garnet?” Amethyst took her time answering Pearl by finishing off the food she was eating over the past few minutes. After she was done and left her bag on the couch, she finally answers, “I don’t know. I just woke up from a nap.”

“There’s an unstable gem that needs to be handled. Perhaps Garnet knows about this already.” Pearl informed Amethyst.

“Maybe. We don’t need to wait on Garnet and Steven to steal all the fun. Let’s wreck that Gem!” Amethyst insisted by exclaiming her point across. Without further due, they both went to the Warp Pad and stepped on it. Soon enough the Warp Pad teleported them to another location in a blue light shrouding their forms. They were taken to a new location once they re-materialize their bodies again. Both sets of feet were on the Warp Pad until after they stepped off the circular platform and onto the fresh and healthy soft shards of green grass. Nothing but greenery could be first seen. Miles of grass, tall trees and plants were present in the meadow. Looking further onwards in the distance, mountains would be spotted by Pearl in the far north from where they was. It would take a while to get to the mountains and she knew this. Still, there was a mysterious forest to get pass to get near them.

“The gem is probably in the mountains, Amethyst. If we…” She had started to say a calculation to get to the mountains faster but Amethyst already began walking forward to the woods. When Pearl noticed this and halted her thinking briefly, she groaned angrily and followed her paired teammate into the forest to keep up. Even more things lurked in the forest than it did outside. More green objects and lifeforms were there that Amethyst recognize. Partial sunlight broke from the shade of the towering, broad trees. These type of trees were bigger than average for living things. Thus they provided immense shade which made it somewhat hard for the light to invade in the natural darkness. Even both Crystal Gems noticed this as they walk further in the woods. Pearl then began to spark up conversation.

“These trees are huge!” She had said in surprise.

“This can’t be normal, right?”

“Why?” Amethyst had asked before she started to tease. “Are you spooked?”

“Me scared?” Pearl had questioned her. “Ha! Don’t be ridi—“ Pearl had stopped talking this time around but with good reason. Noise began to stir in the silence of the forest. It was awfully audible compared to how the two barely made sounds based off their footsteps on the ground alone. The source of the noise had happened above them. The leaves in the trees above shuffled from sudden movements above. The two Gems would look around, vision from their eyes darted from left to right disbelieving the one who causing the noise is in front of them. When the noise grew louder for both them to know it was coming from above. Lifting their heads upwards for both Pearl’s sky blues and Amethyst’s indigo eyes would look up and stare at the creature that were halfway down the tree. An eight legged bug-like lifeform crawling down the remaining length of the tree’s mass. Some would know it to be a spider. A giant one at that. Amethyst’s eyes widened at the sight of it especially the gemstone that stuck out on its belly.

“Let’s squash that bug!” Amethyst had said cheerfully.”

“We won’t be able to do so at our size.” Pearl responded worriedly.

“Perhaps we just need to get bigger.”

“Are you suggesting what I think you’re suggesting?”

“Yes! Let’s mash it up, Pearl!” Pearl goes pass to skip the dance that provides way to what Amethyst reminded they do. Instead, her oceanic eyes still gaze up at the spider gem like Amethyst’s eyes were too at the time. By instinct, their intentions and hands intertwined. Motives and their fingers go hand to hand in sync were equal where their gemstones lights up luminously in a polished shine fashion at first and then an illuminated state before it shrouded their figures. At the same time, their figures shone bright at the same time: From Amethyst’s plump and chubby structure to Pearl’s petite and tall build. From within the light, the two body types merged as one. A destined fusion between two Crystal Gems to form one fused gem all together. Her name? Opal. No last name attached. Opal were a mixture of their personalities combined. The majority of Pearl’s extended height and small body build were a given. The only thing that was obtained from Amethyst’s body were her full lips. Skin turned out to be the color of periwrinkle with the hair color that matches the purity of a white dove. Her long hair is set to a ponytail by a band mimicking the color of salmon; two pigtails are held by two yellow bands. She inherited Pearl’s pointy nose and cerulean blue eyes. A unique feature of hers were four arms.

Her main gemstones locations are at the forehead and chest like Pearl and Amethyst. Lastly, her out consists of a pastel teal top that drapes to her shins from front to back. The base of the draped top have a star over it similar to Amethyst’s outfit. Opal wears light purple knee-length leggings that ends under flat yellow boots she worn on her feet. As the spider gem finally crawled down the trunk of the tree to the ground, Opal makes contact to her gemstones obtaining a purple colored whip from Amethyst’s gemstone and a spear from Pearl’s stone. Hand in hand from the left to right side, they were in her grasp. Combining them together in a white light, they were turned into a long multicolored long bow. The string of the bow were purple where the entirety of the bow’s colors were: White, blue, green and yellow at its center to properly hold the weapon in an offensive way like she did now. Her intentions to prep her arrow of yellow energy would be halted when the spider would rapidly spit out a sticky fluid of ivory that would be aimed to not only trap Opal in its mess but inflict a venomous mess to her body if it makes physical contact. Opal would leap to the right, avoiding by pushing the jump’s amount farther than an average human’s jump range. Just after the jump the venomous fluid would land where she was standing. Landing at a safer spot, she would prepare an arrow of yellow energy. This type of arrow would hint a jab at electricity. An arrow of electrical energy soon to be formed at the timing of two to three seconds alone. Seeing how the spider gem adjusted to her sudden movement and turned around, Opal draws back the string of the bow and fires her shot the moment she specifically spots the spider’s mouth open ready to try its luck again. The arrow were precisely fired to hit the cranium of the spider a less than a second before the spider tries to fire off its venom. The projected sharp weapon of electrical energy went forth to plunge its sparky essence into the skull of the bug. It affected the spider in two ways. First paralyzing the spider gem at the slightest bit of contact until it drove deeper in its head, penetrating the skull. The spider unknowingly would lose its consciousness and soon its body with a poof of yellow energy. What remained left was the gem it left behind. Walking closer with her two feet, Opal would attempt to identify the gemstone she were after this whole time. In a sense to save the precious living gem who lost itself in its actions. The Spider’s Gemstone were known as Pyrite. Looking closer with the short distance she was at, Pyrite were a silverish to golden coloration. She would bend her knees low to several inches close to the ground to pick up the Pyrite gem. Plump lips went into a curled smile as a set of words were spoken by them,

“Mission accomplished.”    

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