Iridescent Rain [Poem a Day]

A poetry collection where we're going to alternate between writing a poem a day, giving each other a topic to base it on :)


65. Window (A) 05/03


I feel stuck behind the panes,
when rain is piercing at the same
points it wishes to strike again
and I'm aching with this pain;
it itches my skin - 
I can't take these stains,
that won't let me feel the light again.
I'm clawing at panes,
that shut me out from the strain 
of light that seeps through all the same.
am I to blame?
because the thunder that embalms my soul
tells me
you can't win this game!
not in acid rain!
not in poisoned veins!
because I'm stuck behind these panes
and I'm tied up in chains
and I'm locked in my domain.

I. am. not. sane.

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