Iridescent Rain [Poem a Day]

A poetry collection where we're going to alternate between writing a poem a day, giving each other a topic to base it on :)


85. Wait (A) 25/03


when the sun's trapped eyes close,
see for me.

when the stars scar darkness please
stay for me.

when the world dives, drowning 
swim for me.

when the wind hurls hurricanes
hold onto me.

but I know that when the sky turns grey,
you'll run from me.

and the colours sinking into shadows,
you won't light up for me.

the oceans running with grief
you won't float for me.

and the moon dawning on an ending,
you won't stay up for me.

because when I'm falling through 
darkness and
water and
I know you'll never last
you'll never 
wait for me.

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