Iridescent Rain [Poem a Day]

A poetry collection where we're going to alternate between writing a poem a day, giving each other a topic to base it on :)


93. Uncertain (A) 02/04


I'm feeling so lost.
in this web of string that 
ties back from the beginning of time,
the cord twisted round my limbs
daring on electrocution
filling with intoxication.
and it used to lay limp around my skin,
my body able to fit through the
spaces that lay between the lines,
fighting the urge to fall back and 
disappear into a pile of strings with 
loose ends -
lost ends -
but now the wire is so close I can feel it 
skimming my soul,
and I can't touch it - 
I won't touch it -
or I'll fall into this hole.

But I'm uncertain.

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