Iridescent Rain [Poem a Day]

A poetry collection where we're going to alternate between writing a poem a day, giving each other a topic to base it on :)


87. Pole (A) 27/03


I can't move -
in this moment I can't make myself move and I'm 
stuck -
breathing and heaving and so 
alive but so
the world rushing through my
veins but I haven't got enough
air, even though this
air surrounds me like the
pole in the middle of the street I
watching everything pass by me with no 
control over the consequences and I -
I - I can't move.
I'm stuck.
Because even though I want to 
run past all that lies around me,
suffocating my insides,
I know there's no way out of this
I can't move.
I'm stuck.
I'm stuck in this ground and
whatever happens,
it can't be my fault,
I know it can't be my fault.

Can it?

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