Iridescent Rain [Poem a Day]

A poetry collection where we're going to alternate between writing a poem a day, giving each other a topic to base it on :)


79. No (A) 19/03


you don't notice when the tide is approaching,
the ships are sinking,
with no one listening.

you don't notice when the clouds are forming,
the oncoming rain-storms 
the leaks far from stalling.

you don't notice when the sky is grey
and heads are swimming in a bay
of all this drowning sinking pain.

you don't notice when the waves are crashing through
all this wall built for you
all this stone to hide the truth.

and you don't notice when it all shatters,
because clearly it doesn't matter
not to you,

your tide has laid still,
your clouds are fulfilled,
your home is built.

but not mine.

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