Best friends Lizzy, and Dan have been through every tough situation they faced. Although when Lizzy unleashes a bad ghost will their friendship grow or break. Read to find out!


1. Trouble Starts Brewing

Lizzy's POV

It was a normal May night, and everyone was sitting by the bonfire. I looked over at my boyfriend Brad.

"Are you going to be on your phone all night?" I questioned

Brad replied being a little annoyed,"Yes I need to update my Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. I haven't posted in 3 hours!"

I sat there alone until my best friend Dan plopped on the other side of me.

"Hey Lizzy I brought you hot chocolate I know it is your favorite," Dan said thoughtfully.

"Thanks Dan you know me so well," I teased.

Brad stepped in being quite defensive"You gave her the hot chocolate Dan now can you go?"

"I'm perfect right here," Dan replied.

I saw the anger in Brad's eyes, and suddenly got a bad feeling.

"You better watch your step"

Dan stood up, but he didn't leave instead he said, "Brad you barely know anything about Lizzy. In my opinion your not capable of being Lizzy's boyfriend."

"Like a loser like you could do better."

"I think I could be a good boyfriend. Unlike you."

I stood up, and couldn't take it any longer, so I took Dan aside.

"Dan what are you doing?" 

"Seriously Lizzy your blaming me!"

"Dan I am not blaming you, I just wish you two could get along."

"Well Brad started it," Dan said.

"Yeah but you were accusing him of being a bad boyfriend," I replied, "He is the best thing that happened to me."

I looked in Dan's eyes and saw that he was hurt about me saying Brad was the best thing that happened to me.

"I have to go Lizzy."

Suddenly I was alone.

Author's Note:

This is my first story comment down below if you want me to keep updating!



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