Best friends Lizzy, and Dan have been through every tough situation they faced. Although when Lizzy unleashes a bad ghost will their friendship grow or break. Read to find out!


3. Connie's Lies

Dan's POV

*End of school*

I haven't checked my phone since the morning, so when I saw I got a text from Connie I opened it. I couldn't believe what I saw it was a picture of Lizzy crying I texted Connie saying


Dan: Connie what is this?

Connie: Caught Lizzy crying lol!

Dan: Connie this isn't funny

Connie: Dan lighten up 

Dan: I can't this is my best friend your talking about

Connie: In my opinion she shouldn't be your friend she is stupid for saying such bad things about you.

All the sudden I heard a knock on my window. I rolled it down and I was surprised to see Brad. Before I could say anything Brad punched me in my eye.

"Why did you punch me?" I muttered.

"Lizzy told me what happened you jerk!" he practically screamed.

"I didn't do anything!" I said really loud.

"You said you didn't want to talk to her anymore!"

"I never talked to Lizzy today!"

I realized something when  my phone dinged from 12 missed texts from Connie.

"Get in!" I said to Brad.

"Wait why?" Brad questioned.

"Just get in!" I replied.

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