Best friends Lizzy, and Dan have been through every tough situation they faced. Although when Lizzy unleashes a bad ghost will their friendship grow or break. Read to find out!


4. Confronted

Brad's POV

I didn't know why Dan wanted me to get in his car, but he sounded serious. Once I got into his car he sped off.

"Where are we going exactly?" I questioned.

"Connie's house," he replied.

"Ew she is a freak though!" was all I could say, "why are we going there?"

"Take a look yourself," he answered.

I took a look at Dan's phone, and saw all these texts from Connie saying Dan, and Lizzy shouldn't be friends.

"Where here," Dan said, " stay in the car."

He sped off into Connie's house.

Dan's POV

I sped off into Connie's house not knowing what to say. I wasn't doing this for me, or Brad, I was doing this for Lizzy. I hate seeing Lizzy hurt. I had to stop Connie.

"Miss me Dan?" a squeaky voice said from behind me "I sure missed you!"

"Connie what the heck are you doing hurting my friend like that!" I said.

"Oh Dan I'm right can't you see I'm way better than Lizzy. I'm practically an upgrade!" she said touching my shoulder.

I took her hand off my shoulder.

"No one can beat Lizzy," I said really meaning it.

"Dan she hates you n-

"Because of you!" I said cutting her off," I'm leaving don't talk to Lizzy ever again!"

"Your not leaving Dan!" she said as she pulled out a gun, "not until you give me what I want!"

All the sudden Brad walked in at the wrong time. Connie pulled the trigger, and the bullet landed in Brad's head. Once I saw what she did I ran, and called the police. Even though me and Brad had our bad days he was a good guy and treated Lizzy right. The police came, Connie got arrested, and I was interviewed by the news as a witness. 

Although I kept thinking of how Lizzy was going to react to her dead boyfriend.

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