Best friends Lizzy, and Dan have been through every tough situation they faced. Although when Lizzy unleashes a bad ghost will their friendship grow or break. Read to find out!


2. Broken Trust

Lizzy's POV

I woke up the next day ready for the drama. Trying not to fall asleep again I rose, but from literally no sleep at all my head throbbed. I took some medicine to try to help my head. I then got dressed in my 5sos tee and some jean shorts since it was spring. I got ready for school, and got a ride from my mom as always. When I was at my locker, I felt a hand land on my shoulder.

"Hi Brad," I said as I hugged him

"Hey Liz!" He said as he smiled.

"Have you seen Dan at all I haven't seen him since the bonfire?" I asked.

"I saw him in the commons when I got here," replied Brad.

"Great thanks," I said as I walked to the commons but I felt Brad's hand on my wrist, "What do you need Brad?"

"It was 13 minutes ago I bet he is not there anymore," He explained.

"Oh," was all I could say.

The bell rang as I entered my AP History class, which I love. Dan was in the class too. Except he is on the other side of the classroom. I kept looking over at him, because he and Connie kept whispering. Connie had a crush on Dan since the beginning of the year.

All the sudden I saw Connie cling to Dan's arm a strain of pain went through my chest. I asked my teacher if I can go into the bathroom. Once I was in the bathroom I saw another girl enter with an evil grin. It was Connie. She looked me in my eyes and said sounding very serious.

"I see the way Dan looks at you I'm hear to say lay off he is mine."

"W-what me-"I was cut off.

"What can't speak?"

"I don't think Dan would ever date you though," I snapped back.

"I was there during the bonfire didn't you see me leave?" she asked.

"No," I replied being confused why she would bring this up.

"Well I went to go comfort him well you Lizzy stayed with your idiotic boyfriend," she said almost yelling the last part, "He wants nothing to do with you he likes me now.

I had no way to reply, but a tear struck my cheek. Apparently she used that against me turned my tears into an insult.

"Aw poor baby she is crying," she took a picture and sent it to everyone, including Dan.




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