Jessica Jones - AKA The fan-made Season 2

My version of Jessica Jones Season 2. Huge Spoiler-Alert if you haven't watched it yet. Not quite sure what's going to happen yet, but it'll be exciting! Warning for canon swearing and violence.


1. Season 1 recap


For those of you who haven't seen the show (watch it. Now. Kilgrave commands you) this is a [SPOILER-ALERT, like, really - so many spoilers - don't read if you want to watch the show without spoilers] summary of what happened in season 1, and for those who

have seen it, a recap.

From MCU wiki:

Jessica Jones is a private investigator from New York. After she was orphaned at a young age [parents and brother killed in a car accident], Jones was taken in by Dorothy Walker, and developed a sisterly bond with her daughter, Trish. During adolescence, Jones discovered she possessed superhuman strength and used her ability in adulthood to fight crime as a superhero. However, a fateful encounter with Kilgrave, a vicious man with mind controlling powers, tarnished her superhero career and she spent a torturous tenure as Kilgrave's slave before finally breaking free of his control. The experience left Jones suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, prompting her to hang up her secret identity and open her own detective agency [Alias Investigations].

Trying to remain an average person and keep a low profile, she would take on minor cases for cash, while caught in a spiral of despair and destructive behaviour [drinking, etc]. However, the return of Kilgrave forced her to put aside her traumas and stop him. Jones had multiple gruelling encounters with Kilgrave, but with the help of Trish, Jeri Hogarth [a no-nonsense lawyer], and fellow superhuman Luke Cage, Jones finally killed the maniac, conquering her demons and prompting her to continue her superhero career.





Luke Cage:


Also felt the affects of Kilgrave's powers, a tenant in Jessica's apartment building. At the end of season 1, he is seen helping Jessica with Alias Investigations.

Jeri Hogarth:

Will Simpson:

Under Kilgrave's power for a bit, part of a programme called IGH - took red, blue and white tablets to enhance his strength. Had a relationship with Trish.

Claire Temple:

a night nurse, seen in Daredevil helping patch up Matt Murdock. Here, she helps Jessica look after an injured Luke Cage, who has unbreakable skin.


I don't want to put too much more as I don't want to spoil anything, but if you do have any questions about anything, please ask them in the comments. Hope you enjoy!


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