Jessica Jones - AKA The fan-made Season 2

My version of Jessica Jones Season 2. Huge Spoiler-Alert if you haven't watched it yet. Not quite sure what's going to happen yet, but it'll be exciting! Warning for canon swearing and violence.


4. Scene 3

Cut to:



The room is large, a large oval table occupies the middle. Wood panelling covers the walls, and the lighting is subdued. There are no windows. A group of around a dozen people sit around the table; men and women. A figure sits at the end of the table, a scarf covers their head, and some kind of goggles cover their eyes. A man stands up and starts talking.  



After the unfortunate incident involving one of our assets a

few months ago, we have been severely behind on schedule.

Our clients want answers.



We are proceeding with Operation Deadline as planned.

Has the threat been eliminated?  



Delta is working on it. He should be able to apprehend the

target without too much difficulty.  



Good. But we can't afford to lose any more time.

Have we been able to attain the equipment we need?  


Man 2

Apart from a few small bits that got misplaced in the incident, yes.  


A third man, who had been sitting back in his chair, arms crossed, looking bored, now leans forward.  



That incident should never have happened. The asset should never

have been allowed to escape in the first place! It -  


The figure at the end of the table cuts in. They use a voice changer to scramble their voice.  



Kilgrave was a mistake. That mistake must never be allowed

to happen again. I am dealing with it.  


The figure gestures to one of the men standing next to him.  



Bring her in.  


The man nods and walks to a door in the side of the room. He opens it. A couple of armed guards walk in, dragging a prisoner. The woman is handcuffed and gagged. They bring her round to the figure.  



This woman is almost solely responsible for the asset's escape,

and the subsequent events that have led to this meeting.  


The figure rips the gag from her mouth. She winces, licking her lips, but doesn't cry out.  



Anything to say, my dear? You were so talkative when it was

the asset you were talking too.

Come on, Maria. Beg.  



His powers...he's too strong...I couldn't resist...

I'm sorry...I'm so sorry...

I won't let my guard down again.  


She doesn't make a sound, but tears roll down her face. The others at the table stare, some in shock. The third man who spoke has a grin on his face.



Not good enough. You knew the extent of his powers, yet you failed to go

through the correct procedure of protection. It is your own fault.

As such, you must be punished in accordance of our scripture.  


MARIA stares at the figure, her face going pale.  


MARIA son...

he'll be an orphan...please!  


The figure remains unmoved. He nods at the guards. They grab hold of her and force her to remain still. She struggles. The figure wags their finger at her.  



Tut, tut, Maria. You're only making this worse for yourself.

If you cooperate, your boy will be well looked after. If you don't,

he will be the one that suffers.


MARIA stills instantly.  




Good girl.  


The figure lifts up a hand covered with a black leather glove and starts removing the goggles. MARIA squeezes her eyes shut, and the guards turn away.



Look at me, Maria.


She tries to turn away, but finds she cannot move. The figure raises his other hand and a bolt of blue light strikes MARIA in the chest. Her eyes fly open in pain and she gasps. At this moment, the figure fully removes the goggles. Close up on his eyes - can tell it's a male - reptilian slits, almost entirely black. When MARIA makes eye contact, she jerks upright, then convulses, like a puppet. Close up on her eyes as they turn from green to black, and black blood starts dripping from them. This same black blood leaks from her nose, mouth and ears. She falls to the floor. The figure stands up, towering above her. MARIA gives one last convulsion, her mouth open in a silent scream, then disintegrates in a pile of black ash, which is then absorbed into the wooden floor. A black stain is left on the floor. Close up on figure's mouth, curving up into a sinister smile. He turns to the rest of the room.



Now that unpleasant business is done,

let's focus on the real reason for this meeting:

Trish Walker.





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