A Tale of Two Mates

Dark secrets surround the heart of the two most powerful packs in this forest, the Swift pack and the Storm pack. Secrets that go back hundreds of years. Arya Swift soon finds herself in the middle of it all when she stumbles across the son of the Storm pack's Alpha. It doesn't take long for her to realize she's found her mate. Ethan Storm brings nothing but trouble with him, however, and leads the Storm pack right into the heart of the Swift territory. When Arya's mother, the Alpha, is killed, the Beta, Jake, takes over. Arya trusts his judgement until she comes of age and takes over, until she realizes Jake has a plan of his own, and it has nothing to do with Arya.


7. Chapter 7

I felt everything in me surge with anger. I narrowed my eyes, growling.

              "You can't have him," I ordered fiercely. The brown wolf's gaze snapped to me.

              "And who are you to be giving me orders, Beta." He kept his gaze locked with mine. I took a step towards him. He would not challenge my authority, I am the true Alpha.

              "I am the true Alpha, and you will obey me," I growled darkly. A glimmer passed over his eyes.

             "I am afraid at this moment, you are not yet Alpha, and as Beta, the real Alpha's orders override yours. Attack!" He barked. I shifted in an instant and Ethan did the same. One of the other wolves grabbed me by the scruff and started dragging me away. I shook as hard as I could and broke free of his grasp. I turned to see four of them piling on top of Ethan.

            "No!" I howled. I made a move to race towards him, but then a flash of white covered my vision, and a bright pain blossomed in the back of my head. "Ethan... no..." Everything was fading away, I couldn't see him, I could barely make out the sound of the snarls and fighting, but it was sounding further and further away. I soon found myself giving in to the throbbing in my head, and I felt my body far away being carried by someone before I lost consciousness.


They led me back to their camp, I kept my nose down on the way. A million thoughts swam through my mind. I had a bad feeling though, I was too far away from Arya. My skin crawled, I had to get back to her, I needed to be by her side. I shook my head. This is where I need to be, this is the only way for me to keep her safe right now, and I am willing to bear the scars this love may leave me with if it means she is safe and happy.

              "So, Omega," Alpha storm addressed me casually. "What name do you pick for yourself, or do you have a name?" He looked back at me from his lead in the patrol. Two other wolves were on either side of me and one flanked me.

             "Chance," I barely whispered. His ear flicked back.

            "Speak up!" He barked. I flinched.

           "Chance, sir." I said it proudly this time, raising my head and meeting his gaze. He narrowed his eyes.

             "An ironic name, my boy." He said with a grin. My ears swiveled back, and I lowered my nose once more. "Now, now, what could possibly be bothering you? Here you are being cleared of your Omega status and given the ultimate promotion to Beta, what could possibly be wrong?"

            "The Swift girl," I decided honesty was the best policy. Alpha's had a keen sense for when someone was lying, besides I didn't care if he knew, I didn't care if everyone knew. She didn't want me, and that was that. I saw his ears perk up at my response. He pause in his walking for a moment, but then continued.

          "I'm listening," he said in a low tone.

          "Well, she is my mate, sir." I sighed. This made him stop in his tracks altogether.

         "My boy, that is impossible, Ethan is her mate," He almost snarled, slowly turning to face me, his eyes narrowed.

          "As impossible as it is, it is true. However nothing shall come of it since she chose Ethan over me," I gave a low growl. I saw his face relax a little. His ears swiveled back and he turned around once more and kept on walking.

         "As I said, Ethan is her mate. You just have a crush on her, it's typical. You especially, if you got the bloodline Swift alpha to mate with you, you would instantly become Alpha." I saw him give a shrug of the shoulders. "Why wouldn't an Omega dream of her being his mate?" I snarled and jumped in front of him now.

          "I'm not dreaming, that's not why I love her," I growled lowly. The three other wolves jumped forward to restrain me but Alpha Storm stopped them with a flick of his tail. He puffed his chest and walked forward, his nose an inch from mine. His ears were perked and his eyes were narrowed. He bared his teeth.

          "Of course it is, don't be foolish," he matched my tone. He shouldered past me and kept walking, the other wolves returned to their positions. Then it all flooded into my head. Alpha bloodlines... Ethan... Arya... Alpha Storm...

           "You want control of both packs, so you put a spell on Arya to mate with Ethan!" I exclaimed, stopping in my tracks. "The faeries are working with you to prevent the war between the packs!" Alpha Storm stopped and growled, turning to face me. "I am her true mate, and Ethan is the fake!"

           "As I have already said, you are very clever, too clever," He growled. His head lowered and his neck fur began to rise. I flattened my ears and prepared for a fight.

           "That's all the information I needed, Alpha, thanks," I smirked and leaped over him before he could react. He lunged and bit at my heels but I was too swift and nimble. Ah, when being malnourished and lacking the muscle of a normal wolf comes in handy. I nimbly jumped between them until they were crashing into themselves. I laughed and took off, pelting through the forest, taking the hard way to slow their pursuit. I leapt over logs and even managed to go through a fox-hole or two, anything to throw them off my path. I kept running until I was safely back in Swift territory. Now I just needed to get to Arya...

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