A Tale of Two Mates

Dark secrets surround the heart of the two most powerful packs in this forest, the Swift pack and the Storm pack. Secrets that go back hundreds of years. Arya Swift soon finds herself in the middle of it all when she stumbles across the son of the Storm pack's Alpha. It doesn't take long for her to realize she's found her mate. Ethan Storm brings nothing but trouble with him, however, and leads the Storm pack right into the heart of the Swift territory. When Arya's mother, the Alpha, is killed, the Beta, Jake, takes over. Arya trusts his judgement until she comes of age and takes over, until she realizes Jake has a plan of his own, and it has nothing to do with Arya.


6. Chapter 6


            Of course I was sure. Why on earth wouldn't I be? Ethan was my mate, no one gets two mates. Chance and I didn't even have that connection. You had a different connection with chance. I hate it when she makes sense.

             "Yes, I'm sure why wouldn't I be?" I snapped. Hunter sighed.
             "Dark faeries are capable of some very strong magic, Arya." Hunter said again.

              "Yes, you have already said this," I was starting to get annoyed. Hunter and Ethan shared a look between them. Ethan growled and turned away and walked over to the bookshelf, leaning against it. Hunter sighed. "What? What does everyone know that I don't?" I was getting frustrated.

              "Which one is real?" Ethan asked Hunter. Hunter shook his head.

              "Whichever one of you she chooses." He said dryly, his eyes not leaving mine.

              "Are you insinuating," I paused, "that I have two mates?" I said slowly, trying to calm my rising panic.


              "And I'm guessing it's Ethan and Chance?"

              "Yes, I assume so."

              "And I just have to 'guess' which one is the right one?" My panic was rising further. Of course, I don't get a normal mate like everyone else, I have to pick mine, almost like a human.

              "Yes, unless we find out which man the faerie cast the infatuation spell on." Hunter summoned another book from his shelves. I started pacing back and forth, thinking quickly.

               "We should be able to tell, I mean the real mate would have the stronger connection and that's Ethan," I said, shrugging. That was easy, problem solved.

                "Have either of you ever met your mate before?" Hunter asked, looking up from his book. I intervened before Ethan could answer that question.

                "Of course not, you only get one mate, so you only meet them one time." I snapped.

               "Then how, miss Arya, do you know what the connection is supposed to feel like?"


I sniffed the ground. I had to be careful, I was walking a thin line. Not just any line, though, I was on the border between the Storm territory and the Swift territory. Judging by the scent along the borderline, the next patrol would most likely be from the Storm side, since their marks are not as fresh as the Swift's. I kept my senses alert.

Why was I doing this? Because she needs to be safe, you put her in danger. Is she safe with them? Yes, she even has a faerie on her side. Wait. A faerie, on her side. Could that mean that the other side has them too? I stopped in my tracks. I needed to do something. I needed to help her. How?

               "You've let your guard down, Omega," A dark voice laughed at me. My spine went cold I lowered myself to the ground, I didn't bother looking for him. I knew he was there. "Now tell me, have you figured out the plan yet?" Alpha Storm walked up to me, waiting for my response. I sat up slightly, not making eye contact.

                "I think I understand the plan that you are taking better," I say in a low tone.

                "Ah, you are clever," he purred. He stood and started circling me. "All the more reason you should be my second in command. My offer still stands." My mind was racing. If I decline his offer he will kill me on the spot, if I agree, I will be her enemy once more. I can't return to her, they won't allow it knowing my associates. But if I agree... I boldly lifted my head, my ears perking, my eyes met his dark grey ones, they stood out against his ebony pelt.

                  "I accept, Alpha,"


              "We need to know more about what they're doing, we need spies, Jake." I pleaded with him, but it wasn't working.

                "Arya, sending our wolves into their territory right now is not going to work." He growled. "The only wolf who would have the information was that rotten Omega, and you let him get away."

                "He left to protect me, Jake, and I told you, he left their services." I snarled, taking a step towards him. His eyes met mine, challenging me. He took a step forward.

                "You are not yet Alpha, that title belongs to me, and I suggest you keep your nose out of trouble." He snarled. I whipped around to leave when he reached out and held me back by my shoulder. "Where are you going?" He growled darkly.

                "I'm going back to Ethan, he is waiting for me." Jake paused for a moment, then he let me go.

                 "Very well." He said and turned away. I stopped and gave him a look for a moment. What does that mean? He's letting me go? Knowing I'm going back to Ethan? Why? 

                "What's your plan?" I said dryly. He whipped around, causing me to rush backwards out the door.

                "Go on! Get lost!" He roared at me. I was shocked, what on earth has gotten into him. Tears filled my eyes and I whipped around, shifted, and took off through the woods. I felt helpless. I knew what to do to help my pack, and the Alpha seemed to be doing everything he could to stop me. I needed to get back to Ethan, and I was running as fast as my legs could carry me.


                I couldn't help, but a smile passed across my lips. This was the perfect plan. I turned to my two men who stood in the shadows.

              "You know what to do."


               I paced. Would she return? When would she return? Is she okay? The urge to run back and find her was almost unbearable. Hunter had grown tired of my pacing, so he settled down in a chair that grew out of the ground and read another book. It was the third book in the last two hours he's gone through.

              "I would like to think you've memorized them all by now," I said, trying to distract myself. Hunter's eyes flickered up at me from his book, but only for a moment.

             "No, the books change. They fit my needs at the current moment." He shut his book and it returned to its shelf. Hunter stood and brushed himself off.

             "So why are you helping me, helping us, Hunter. I still don't understand." I asked. My tone was more a statement than a question. Hunter sighed and crossed his arms behind his back. Now he was pacing.

             "Personal reasons, my friend." He sighed. Just as he was going to say more, Arya burst through the door. She ran into my arms.

            "Ethan, he won't listen to me, he isn't listening to anything I'm saying," She panted. I held her tight.

             "What did you tell him?" I asked her, looking into her eyes. She had been crying.

             "I told him we need to get information on what the Storm pack is up to." 

             "Then I suppose we need to get it ourselves. Your birthday is in a couple days, then you can take over and we can finish this." I said. My mind was racing. How were we going to get information on the pack that wants both of us dead.

             "I can go to their pack, they don't know who I am, nor can they kill me, I am much more skilled than your kind." Hunter spoke up from behind us.

             "Hunter, would you? How will you find out information without being seen?" Arya asked, worried.

             "Fear not, faeries have our ways." Hunter grinned. He always had a plan, whether or not he shared it was another story.

             "Shall we go for a walk, Arya?" I asked her. She needed to calm down, she needed to get her mind off of things. Maybe a stroll through these lovely woods would help. She nodded and I lead her to the door.


Once I was with Ethan again, my fears began to subside. I knew a walk with him in peace would clear my mind. I opened the door and headed outside, his hand in mine. He smiled at me warmly and wrapped an arm around my shoulders.

               "It will all fall together soon enough, Arya," He told me warmly as we walked along. I leaned my head into him.

              "I hope so," I sighed. Suddenly, Ethan stopped. "What is it?" I asked him. Then I saw what he was looking at. A pair of yellow eyes watching us from the shadows. A large wolf stood before us. I turned to look behind me, another two were just coming out from the brush. When I looked back, there were two more coming up behind the first one. We were horribly outnumbered. Ethan pulled me close to him.

              "What do you want," Ethan barked out at them. The first wolf raised his head and tilted it slightly.


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