A Tale of Two Mates

Dark secrets surround the heart of the two most powerful packs in this forest, the Swift pack and the Storm pack. Secrets that go back hundreds of years. Arya Swift soon finds herself in the middle of it all when she stumbles across the son of the Storm pack's Alpha. It doesn't take long for her to realize she's found her mate. Ethan Storm brings nothing but trouble with him, however, and leads the Storm pack right into the heart of the Swift territory. When Arya's mother, the Alpha, is killed, the Beta, Jake, takes over. Arya trusts his judgement until she comes of age and takes over, until she realizes Jake has a plan of his own, and it has nothing to do with Arya.


1. Chapter 1

              I woke clutching the bear Jack had gotten me. I threw it across the room and curled up crying softly. I was completely broken, no doubt about it. That boy had broken my heart. All my friends had warned me not to go out with him yet I gave in. I fell for his stupid charms and his stupid sandy blonde hair and his stupid gorgeous blue eyes. He was just completely utterly.... stupid! I growled and crawled out of bed and slammed my fist down on my alarm clock which was screaming loudly. I picked up my phone and checked the time. 6:31. I walked into my closet and took off my fuzzy pj's. I shivered and grabbed a pair of my skinny jeans and slid them on. I grabbed a loose shirt and slid it on over my head. I walked over to my full length mirror and I grabbed my brush and brushed my waist-length black hair. My hair was weird in the way it curled naturally at the tips. I liked that. My ice-blue eyes were a shocking contrast from my dark hair and tanned skin. I sighed and it was obvious I had been crying in my sleep. I walked downstairs and fixed myself a cup of tea. I was so tired I nearly dropped it. I drank it down and was wiping some of it off my mouth when my mom shuffled into the kitchen. Her brown hair was a mess and her green eyes looked tired. she sighed and ran a hand through her hair trying to tame it. She yawned.

               "Good morning, Arya," she murmered and fixed herself a cup of coffee. I sighed. She was 5'7 and I was 5'3. I wanted so bad to grow at least 3 more inches just so I could be closer to her height. I was too short.

               "Morning, Mom," I said quietly.

               "How are you doing?" She asked, her knowing green eyes searched mine. She knew how hard the break-up was for me. I sighed.

               "I'm still struggling,"

               "it's going to be hard, I'm sorry sweetie." She said softly and put her hand on my shoulder. Her long elegant fingers gripped my shoulder lightly. She smiled tiredly then let go and leaned on the granite counter. Her red satin night gown fell perfectly on her. Her figure was perfect. We both had perfect figures, yet I could never compare to my mom. When she was put together she was stunning. I was just, pretty. I pushed my hair behind my ear and walked over to the sink and washed out my cup and then put it in the dishwasher. I walked outside and took a deep breath of the morning air. The dew was on the grass and the sun was just beginning to peek over the hill tops. My house had the perfect view.

               I walked back inside and grabbed my backpack and headed out the door. I looked around to make sure nobody was watching and then I took off running. I raced to school and then slowed down and walked out of the woods. I was still breathing normally. I walked into the building and over to the elevator where I always went and I waited for my best friend. I dropped my backpack on the ground and I leaned against the wall and let gravity pull me down.

               "Hey!" Lizzi's cheery voice made me look up. I smiled.


               "What'cha doing?" she said, her blonde hair was curled today and her deep blue eyes were bright.

               "Sitting." I said and shrugged. She laughed and held out her hand for me to take it. Lizzi was a thin girl and had all the right curves in all the right places. She was beautiful though she had a low self-esteem. I loved her anyways.

               I took her hand and smiled. She then looked around like she was about to tell me something important then she leaned in and whispered in my ear.

               "There's a new guy. And he is HOT." she whispered and giggled. I arched one eyebrow at her.

               "You know I'm not interested. I just-" she put her finger to my lips. Her eyes told me not to finish that sentence. -became single again. I sighed and looked away.

               "Arya, babe, you won't ever get over that bastard if you don't go lookin'" She said, her country accent starting to come in. I rolled my eyes. 

               "What ever you say Lizzi." I said quietly. The bell rang and she threw her arm over my shoulder. 

               "Come on, lets go to chemistry! Hopefully that hot guy will be in our class!" she giggled and winked. I just sighed.

               I walked in the room with Lizzi still by my side.

               "Ooh-la-la look over there!" she whispered in my ear. I looked over to see a hot guy sitting in the back row. It was all I could do to keep my jaw from dropping. He was gorgeous. He had black hair that was spiked up and was obviously pretty buff. His green eyes were the prettiest I had ever seen. He was slid down in his chair with his arms crossed over his broad chest. I turned to Lizzi giving her a questioning look. She grinned and nodded.

               It was the new guy.


               Lizzi grabbed my arm and dragged me back and picked a seat near him so I was forced to sit next to him. I shot her a look and sat down. I let my hair fall into my face and my long bangs fell over my left eye so I couldn't see him. I pulled out my notebook and turned to a blank page. I started to draw a wolf. She was standing in some water with her head low. She had a white pelt and silver eyes. there was some flecks of black in her pelt and in the upper corner I drew the same wolf leaping through some water. I pulled out my colored pencils and made the main medium purple. I sighed and noticed he was looking at my work.

"Nice," he murmered. I looked over at him. I looked into his eyes for a second and I felt my heart stop.

"T-thanks." I stuttered and looked away quickly and I kept on working on the drawing.

"Welcome." He said. His voice was deep and rich. I looked over at him again. He was perfect.. I couldn't believe such perfection could even exist. I sighed.

"I'm Arya," I said and then I caught his scent. Werewolf. Typical.

"Ethan." He said and looked into my eyes again and smiled. God every time he did that I had to catch my breath. I couldn't believe he could do this to me when 1. I just met him. 2. I barely know him? 3. I thought I was heartbroken here!

"Nice name," I said and nodded. I held out my hand and he took it. A shock ran up my arm and my eyes turned electric blue. I pulled back and he did the same. I looked up at him. His eyes were electric green. I blushed and looked away. He looked around and then leaned over.

"You are a shifter as well," he whispered. I stared straight ahead and nodded.

"Arya Swift, daughter of Alpha Swift and Luna Swift." I stated my title proudly. His eyes widened.

"Ethan Storm, son of Alpha Storm and Luna Storm." I looked over at him shocked. He was from-

"Miss Swift, is there something you would like to share?" Mrs. Bachetti said crossing her arms and raising her eyebrow. I lowered my head and sighed.

"No, ma'am." I murmered. She nodded and turned and continued writing chemical equations on the board.

"I know we are from enemy packs" he whispered. I just nodded. "Yet I have a problem, and I think you know what it is." I did. I took a shuddering breath as my wolf was going crazy inside me. She yearned to be let out to frolick with Ethan's but I kept her under control. I braced myself for his answer.

"We are mates."

               I froze at the word "mate." He was from the enemy pack, The Storm Pack. How could this happen? I had always wondered who my mate would be but I never imagined this. By the time the bell rang I quickly gathered my stuff and walked out, anxious to leave. He was right behind me. I sighed and walked to my locker. He leaned against the locker next to mine.

"So, guy-I-barely-know, what are we?" I asked.

"What do you mean?" He said, arching his eyebrow. My breath caught, but I quickly regained my composure.

"I know we are mates and all, but what does that make us?" I said. My wolf howled at me you are his girlfriend! she was screaming. I ignored her.

"Well, I guess it makes you my girlfriend." Crap. I hate when my wolf is right.

"Oh, ok then." I said, trying to end this conversation as soon as possible.

"Unless you don't want to be, which is completely fine," he said. He had manners, strange. At this point I was quickly starting to forget why I didn't like this guy before.

"Well, I recently broke up with a guy.." I said softly. He suddenly looked a little ticked.

"Did he hurt you?" He asked firmly. His composure tried to hide his anger but his stormy eyes gave him away. Now he was acting like a mate. I nodded slightly and blinked back tears. What was I doing? I barely knew this guy yet I was already falling for him, and I was going down hard. Something was seriously wrong with me.

"How dare he..." he growled. I looked up. I raised my eyebrow.

"Why do you care?" I snapped suddenly.

"Uh, maybe because you are my mate and even though you are my enemy and I barely know you I do care about you." he snapped back curtly.

"I gotta get to history. Talk to you later." I murmured, quickly shuffling away before he could get further into this whole 'we're now mates even though I barely know you' thing.

It was probably the most boring class in the history of the universe. My teacher had this magical ability to open his mouth and we all immediately fell asleep, and I wish I was kidding. I soon found myself dozing off with the rest of my classmates.

I was running through the woods. I was terrified. I skidded to a stop and looked left and right. They were after me. The Storm Pack was after me. I ran as fast as I could to the right and then skidded to a stop as I reached a cliff. What was this doing here? In the middle of the forest? Well right now I wasn't worried about that. I turned to run back and I was face-to-face with Alpha Storm. He growled and walked forward. His shaggy grey neck-fur raised. His hackles were raised and his teeth were bared. He pushed me off the edge of the cliff and I heard a loud howl


{Ethan's POV}

I couldn't stop thinking about her. Her gorgeous ice blue eyes. The way her hair fell perfectly. She was like, an angel. My angel. My wolf was going crazy when she walked away. He wanted to run after her and pin her down and never let her go. Thank goodness I held him back, I didn't want to scare my angel. I loved her and I prayed she felt the same. She should, after all we are mates. If she didn't feel the same then my heart would be shredded and my wolf would be enraged. I couldn't live without her. I needed her by my side at all times. I needed her to be in my sight at all times too. Obsessive, I know. I sighed and ran a hand through my soft, silky hair.

"Arya.." I said softly. I loved saying her name. I loved hearing it. I couldn't wait to hear her say my name. I knew coming from the lips of an angel it would drive me wild. Just thinking about her saying my name had me grinning like a fool.

"Hi!" A girls voice said near me. I snapped out of it and I looked to see who was gonna flirt with me this time. She had long blonde hair and hazel eyes.

"Uh, hey" I said and opened up my locker; which was conveniently placed right next to Arya's.

"I'm Bella" she said in a flirty tone. I gave her an unimpressed look.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Ethan. I have a girlfriend." I said. That wiped that look off her face. Her gaze dropped to the floor.

"Oh, well it was nice talking to you." She said and hurried off. I watched her leave and I snarled. The bell rang and I headed off towards Arya's classroom. I leaned against the wall right outside the door; She walked out and jumped.

"Ethan! I didn't know you were there!" She said, startled. I was right. It was beautiful the way my name rolled off her tongue. Every syllable was perfect. Every letter was honey-coated. I wanted it to last forever, but then more words came along. I sighed and stared into her beautiful eyes. She looked deep into mine and sighed and moved closer.

"I barely know you, yet is it so wrong to love my mate?" She whispered in my ear. My eyes widened. She... she loves me! My wolf was howling with joy. I smiled warmly and pulled her into my arms. She smelled amazing, like warm sugar and a crackling fire. I buried my nose in her hair and inhaled deeply. This moment, I could freeze it and replay it forever in my head. Our love, so wrong, but how can it be wrong, this is everything it is supposed to be...

{Arya's POV}

I jumped and woke with a start when the bell rang. I gathered up my things and shoved them in my backpack and ran out the door. I looked to my right and I jumped a foot in the air.

"Ethan! I didn't know you were there!" I said. He waited for me? That was such a... sweet gesture. He was just standing there, staring deep into my eyes. He seemed mesmerized by something. I sighed and leaned forward a little bit wishing he would take me in his arms.

"I barely know you, but is it so wrong to love my mate?" I breathed in his ear. I did. I loved him. I just admitted it. Whether I meant to say that out loud or not, that's another story. Then, he pulled me into him, and I let him. Any pain, any worry, disappeared. I was safe, I was finally safe. His scent, like a pine forest at dawn, so earthy and yet so warm and peaceful. I let myself melt into his grip, his strong arms holding me so close to him. I felt his lips kiss the top of my head as he breathed me in. I knew we were both agreed that this moment, this moment was entirely perfect. I had found my mate. A chilling thought crossed the back of my mind, but I let it slip away.

{Ethan's POV}

I kissed the top of her head. She was warm. I felt her almost melt into me as I held her tighter to me. The world faded away. Everything, gone. All that mattered in that moment was Arya, my angel, who was standing here in my arms, holding me.

"Arya?" I asked her softly. Surprisingly she looked up.

"Yes?" She whispered.

"We should get you to class." I said gently and took her hand in mine. A familiar sparkle of electricity fizzed up my arm. "I have gym what do you have?"


I walked out into the gym in my tight black tank top and my baggy sweat pants. I looked around for Arya. She had to be around here somewhere. Then she came strutting out of the locker room wearing black short-shorts and a tight little purple t-shirt with rips on the sides. Oh god she was trying to kill me. I froze in my tracks and stared. My breath was gone from my chest. I quickly gasped for air and realized she was waving to me. I heard my wolf roaring in my chest, he was going crazy. Someone else could see her, she is mine not theirs! He growled deeply. I had to say I agreed. I scanned the room for anyone who was also eyeing my precious Arya. She looks so... I need her. I need her now. There he was again. I pushed my wolf away and ignored him and slowly his howls and roars softened to whimpers. I walked over and slung my arm around her shoulder as she looked up at me dreamily.

"You trying to kill me?" I murmured huskily in her ear

"What are you talking about?" she said innocently, but a wicked smile crossed her face. I felt a small shudder go down her spine.

"Look at what you're wearing babe." She looked down and then she blushed.

"Oh...." Yeah, that. I thought to myself. I just shook my head and smiled. My wolf was sighing happily to be pressed against an angel and I was really happy about it too.

"Break it up, break it up, c'mon now." Coach yelled at us. I snapped my head towards him and narrowed my eyes. Why was I suddenly so protective? I was never this... obsessive over a girl. I just sighed and kissed her forehead.

"See you later gorgeous," I said, winking at her. I saw her blush and she giggled and happily trotted away.

{Arya's POV}

Great. Volleyball. I snarled internally. I hated that game. The ball came towards me and I saw in the corner of my eye I saw Ethan tense up. I leaped into the air and slammed it down on the other side of the net. He just gaped at me. I smiled. I think I had impressed him. It came over to our side again and the girls weren't paying attention. I leaped forward and dived and hit it into the air.

"Lizzi!" I called. She jumped to attention and hit the ball over the net. I swear if it wasn't for us we would have lost already.

The game pretty much went like that the whole time. The girls spent their time chatting and not paying any attention while I was saving their asses. After the game Ethan came over and smiled at me.

"It makes me nervous when you dive and when the ball comes towards you," He said and wrapped his arm around me tightly. I smiled. He cared a lot about me already. But what if... No. I pushed it away.

"Well, I do what I have to to win." I said and shrugged.

"Well you guys won alright." he chuckled. At one point in the game it was me against him. We were the only ones hitting the ball back and forth. It had ended with me spiking the ball and drilling it into the ground. That had been the winning point for us and I had done a massive victory dance with Lizzi like we always did when we won. I guess you can infer we win a lot for us to have a victory dance.

The coach blew his whistle and I started walking towards the locker room when a hand caught my arm. I turned and saw Ethan.

"See you soon Arya" He said. I froze when he said my name. My heart beat faster. What he did next shocked me all the more. He leaned in, and kissed me gently. My heart exploded and I stumbled into the locker room after that. Once in there I fell against the locker and sighed and my eyes rolled towards the ceiling.

"You ok, Arya?" Lizzi asked.

"He kissed me." I said breathless. I couldn't believe it. I let myself slide to the floor and I grabbed my clothes and then stood back up and changed. My wolf was doing her own victory dance now.

{Ethan's POV}

I stared into her eyes. I had to kiss her. I leaned in and brushed my lips against hers, pausing there for a few seconds. My world froze. All the air in my chest was gone once more. It was everything I could do not to pull her into me and continue. My wolf was begging me to, but I pulled away. My eyes meeting hers. She was starstruck. A soft sigh escaped her lips and she grinned, blushing. She took a staggering step away from me, then laughed embarrassed and turned and tiptoed off to the locker room. I stood there and watched the door shut behind her, my chest warm. I turned and walked off to the boys locker room. Josh was waiting for me at the door.

"You still on earth lover boy? Where'd she come from? I thought it was only one night stands this year?" he asked, grinning.

"Arya," I said breathlessly. Josh shook his head and I went in past him. What else am I supposed to say? It's all happening so fast. I frowned for a moment as a darker thought crossed through my mind, but I pushed it away. Not now, demons, not now.


{Ethan's POV}

The rest of the day was uneventful, the exception being when I was with Arya. She had this strange ability to make simple things completely new. She and I ran home together. I stopped with her at her doorstep. She sighed and looked at her small house. She didn't want to leave my side. I understood. Being mates, we have a strange connection. Where humans need time to build a relationship, mates don't get that privilege. I handed her a little piece of paper and she smiled and kissed my cheek. Then I heard a low growl. I spun around and saw Alpha Storm crouched in the bushes. I pulled her behind me, they weren't about to hurt her, not while I was here. Alpha Swift flew out of the house. The massive light brown wolf stood snarling. Her green eyes were furious. My father stepped out of the bushes and looked at me. Alpha Swift howled and wolves from her pack slowly came creeping out of the woods to surround her. Arya shifted and walked over beside her mother. I froze, she was the wolf from the dreams I had been having for months, the one I was always either saving, or attempting to kill. Her coat was a blue-grey that shone like moonlight. Her long legs faded to black as the fur went from her knee to her paws. She looked back at me, her eyes changing from their cold defensive stare, to one of warm adoration. Alpha Swift whipped around and bit her shoulder. A loud yelp came from Arya as she jumped away. Before I knew what was happening, I was standing between her and Alpha Swift. Hackles raised and teeth bared, I glared daggers at Alpha. How dare she hurt my mate! My wolf was more than infuriated. Alpha Swift's expression was one of pure shock. It didn't last long, her eyes darkened and she snarled. A single step towards me signaled I had made a mistake, and if I continued, I would be challenging her leadership. I flattened my ears against my head and lowered myself to the ground, walking back over to my father's side. My ears perked as I looked up at him, but a sharp growl had me flat against the ground once more, avoiding eye contact. I was not fighting for the pack here. I would choose to do that later. Alpha Swift shifted to human and stood in a long embroidered red gown. Her arms crossed. Her curly dark brown hair fell down to her waist.

"Get off my territory, Alpha Storm." she snarled. Her eyes full of fury. "And make sure your son never comes near my daughter again!" she added. The next thing I knew Arya was standing beside her mother in her own embroidered gown. Hers was turquoise and had lace sleeves. Her hair flowed around her shoulders as though there was a warm breeze surrounding her, despite the still cool air.

"Mother, please, he is my mate" she said. Gasps came from both sides, even from the Alphas.

"Excuse me? Did you say mate?" Alpha Swift said, her eyes wide. Arya nodded, her eyes keeping to the ground. Alpha Swift growled and glared at me. My father snarled at me before he turned and walked off, the pack following. I stayed behind. Alpha Swift dismissed her pack and they all slowly disappeared. My eyes stayed glued to my paws in front of me. I had not risen from my submissive stance. Challenging an alpha was not on my to-do list today.

"Shift, son. We all need to talk." Alpha Swift ordered in an Alpha Command. I shifted and was in my black tank top and worn out jeans. I nodded and walked over to Arya's side. The urge to wrap her in my arms was hard to resist, but a glare from Alpha Swift kept me at bay. She was so beautiful in her wolven attire. She kept her eyes low, trying not to disrespect her mother. I looked towards Alpha Swift. Her eyes had lost their hardness and she looked like the kind she-wolf she really was. She nodded and I put my arm around Arya and held her close. She buried her nose in my chest once more. I heard a soft sigh come from her. You're safe now, my love. I've got you, I said to her in my mind. With me being 6'1 and her being around 5'3 I was a good bit taller than her. Her mother was 5'7, more or less. Alpha Swift led us inside and sat down at her large oak desk. It was finely carved and had an elegant lamp that curled and rose up over it. I sat down next to Arya in a similarly carved chair. I placed my hand over Arya's and squeezed her small hand and smiled reassuringly at her. It was going to be ok.

Or at least I hoped it would be.

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