Life Through The Lens - 2016

See the world through my very boring eyes, yawn as you read what I have to say, use matchsticks to keep awake until the end. Either that or ignore if you want :)

A photo and a bit of writing everyday. All original photos.


68. March 8th


She obviously hadn't experienced snow before. I watched spellbound as she knelt down on her haunches and touched the white powder that clung to the grass. Heard her gasp as she felt the coldness of it as her fingers caressed it. I saw the delight in her eyes as she held the snow in her fingers, the whiteness contrasting nicely with her skin. She gasped as the heat of her body turned the snow to water which dripped off her fingers. Looking up at me she smiled and the sun came out in my life.


Extract from Forthcoming Story - 'ReBirth' 

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