Life Through The Lens - 2016

See the world through my very boring eyes, yawn as you read what I have to say, use matchsticks to keep awake until the end. Either that or ignore if you want :)

A photo and a bit of writing everyday. All original photos.


6. January 5th


You struggle against the current unable to comprehend the truth

You start to feel tired, your strength being drained with every breath

Every stroke takes an eternity, battling away trying to avoid the plunge

You feel yourself go under as if being dragged down from below

Realisation hitting that the worst is yet to come

Wondering all the time whether to let the deep water draw you in

Giving up the fight and slipping beneath those cold grey waters

You know you must fight on, you mustn’t give in

Emptiness the easy way out, peace at last

But you’ll carry on fighting, against the current,

And not give in until your very last breath. 

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