Life Through The Lens - 2016

See the world through my very boring eyes, yawn as you read what I have to say, use matchsticks to keep awake until the end. Either that or ignore if you want :)

A photo and a bit of writing everyday. All original photos.


4. January 3rd

I have got to the point, I think when I believe that everyone deserts me in the end. Maybe it’s my confidence, maybe I turn them away with my personality. It stars me apart that people go silent on me, fail to carry on talking or seeing me. Ever been a leper? Well, I’m of the social variety, forever avoided in case they are seen with me, seen talking to me. I have little to offer, just myself and I guess that’s not enough these days. Sometimes I wonder who will care when I’m gone, who really will mourn my passing. I guess there won’t be many who even notice I’ve gone.


The above words are from my Movella I'd be grateful if you'd read it as it's one I'm quite proud of :)

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