Life Through The Lens - 2016

See the world through my very boring eyes, yawn as you read what I have to say, use matchsticks to keep awake until the end. Either that or ignore if you want :)

A photo and a bit of writing everyday. All original photos.


15. January 14th


Tom was scared. In fact he’d never been so scared in all his life. It was as though every waking thought, and most of the dreamworld were spent worrying about next week. Most of the time, all he could think of was the poison slowly being drained into his veins one drip at a time. The thought that it might react with his healthy cells, irreparably damaging the healthy ones at the same time they destroy the deadly ones. Spraying the body like a machine gun, indiscriminately taking out whatever lay in its path.


Coming Soon - Hiding by Squonk

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