I'll Remember True People

Alice Lottly give birth to a boy named Edmund, she puts him up for adoption due to fact that she couldn't look after him at the age of 17. 9 Years later, she bumps into him whilst going to town, she recognizes his face, but he doesn't no at all who she is, as Alice becomes more curious about him, he starts to think that Alice was following him, Alice starts to get along with Edmund, as they find each other sitting on the same bench, a story about a mother and son, who have a very good connection.


1. Missing Him

I always remembered that.... The day i gave birth to a child i didn't even want, a child who was to innocent to have a abortion, but i think i did the right thing, i think putting up for adoption was a better idea, he was healthy and well, he had the same colour eyes as me, fog grey, he has a similar face to my grandfather, smooth and light. But he acted different. I had only seen him for 2 hours and 23 minutes exact, and yet i still miss him, I still miss the boy i gave birth to, the boy who was innocent, and healthy, the boy was name Edmund, he must of got adopted now, he must of got his name changed, but if i ever saw him with a new family, then i would still think of him as Edmund, he had brown hair, exact same colour as mine, but my hair was curly, his was straight. He looked unique, like no ordinary child, he looked special, he looked like we had a connection of some sort, i never knew why. If i ever had another child, then i would keep them, i wouldn't give them away to a family i barely no, i would keep it, as if it was gold, or diamond. I would need to get married, for them to have a father, i would have to, they would tell me to get someone, so the family would be perfect. What i wanted now was my child, and i no if he ever sees me.... he- wouldn't no who i am, he would just think i was a ordinary 26 year old woman, walking casually, if he knew who i was then he would try to catch up with me, so he could talk to me, hang with me, have a day with me, but what i heard was that anything is possible.

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