They Will Never Take Our Colours

Hapso Corporation, a corporation who has managed to extract the positive emotions of people and turn them into liquidised drugs, selling them worldwide. Using thse drugs and emotions they took over everything, the only thing that exist outside the corporation is the resistance.
Following Brooklyn, a pastel haired and eyed reckless 19 year old along with his friend, the beautiful 19 year old scientist/scavenger Roxanne with an unknown creature that came from space.


1. Well now that we know that we're not alone...

"Come in Tom!" Brooklyn yelled down his handheld  transceiver, there was nothing but static, he tried again "Tom this is Brooklyn, resistance number 5845, located at base 64 in the desert region, do you copy? Over" again, all that came through was static. Brooklyn gave a loud and frustrated sigh before slamming his  transceiver on the table and sitting down, head in his hands, "don't worry about it Brooky, I'm sure Major Tom is fine, we all know he has dealt with the droids before" Roxanne piped up, she was currently building some new weapons, "besides, you've known me for 7 years, have I ever been wrong?"

"No..." Brooklyn said without looking up, his voice sounded much more weak and melancholic, "I...I just don't want to..." Roxanne stood up from her work, and sat next to him, putting a hand on his back and spoke in a soft voice "I know. You don't want to lose anymore people. Not after-" "Don't." interrupted Brooklyn "don't mention him." Roxanne fell silent, she didn't know what to do, she doesn't know what to do in these moments.

It was just her and Brooklyn at this base, the base itself is nothing but a little bungalow in the middle of the desert, at least a couple miles from the village district. it was made out of wood and it's considered a mystery to why it didn't be disintergrated in the explosions, but it did take damage, there are gaps between the wood that lets sand blow it, Brooklyn is forever sweeping it out but it always corners up at the corners of the base, it also has no door so instead there is a piece of cloth hangged where the door should be. Inside however, they have both decorated with immense amounts of colours on the floors, walls and ceilings, empty different coloured bottles hung from the ceiling, letting different colours of light through the rooms.

Within a few seconds of falling silent there came a far away clicking sound, Roxanne's eyes widen "droids?" She then looked back at Brooklyn, unfazed by the sound, Roxanne then cautiously got up and slowly walked to the window, she was right, without a second though she grabbed the gun she was working on and looked back at Brooklyn. "Brooky please we've got to hide!" Brooklyn still didn't show any reaction, Roxanne rolled her eyes and grabbed him, pulling him towards her and then down to the floor, Brooklyn snapped out of it and looked around before realising what was happening, Roxanne gave him a disapproving look. Luckily the droid rode right past them without any thought or questioning.

As darkness fell, Brooklyn was on look out duty and climbed to the roof with his gun, he sat up there, watching the stars, normally only a droid or two comes passing through late at night which is easy, the droids at day and night are different, the day droids are the ones that will kill and if shot down they'll send out a signal before being destroyed, meaning that more droids will come to that spot, the night droids will go around looking at the members of the resistance, they won't shoot or kill, but they will send the exact coordinates of where a person of the resistance were sighted and then send that information to the head or the corporation, leading onto the next day where there will be a mass of day droids scanning and scavenging the area within a mile radius. Roxanne on the other hand, after finishing working on the gun she was building, she got changed into warmer clothing and then went to read a book.

About 1am, Roxanne was sleeping heavily, Brooklyn was still on the roof when a rumbling sound could be heard, and it just got louder, and louder, and louder until Roxanne woke up and climbed onto the roof herself. "Is...Is this an earthquake?" "No." Roxanne said sternly, her eyes were fixated on something "If it was an earthquake of this magnitude we would've felt it. It's coming from-" just then a loud crash echoed through the air "by the sounds of it that wasn't too far from here" Brooklyn remarked, he then dashed off the roof "Come on!" He exclaimed "we have to get to it before the droids do!"

They both ran, getting sand stuck to their feet and the bitter air biting on their faces until it got warmer and warmer. "Fire!" Roxanne panted while running "whatever crash landed here...It's on fire!" Brooklyn, certain to know that someone was inside of whatever crashed into Earth, and determined to save it, ran faster, his legs were aching with every movement but he couldn't give up, not if he knew that someone's life was in danger.

 For being the fastest he was the first one to arrive at the crash site. Roxanne caught up but found Brooklyn already in the flames, Roxanne just took one look at the thing that crashed into the Earth, "'s a... Space ship?" She questioned, her eyes widened as she took into account what was in front of her "it's a space ship!" She headed closer trying to call out to Brooklyn. "Brooky please! I know you want to help but- but we don't know what's in there!" Out through the flames a figure emerged. It was Brooklyn. "Roxy...Please...Help me with this!" He struggled and coughed as the smoke was engulfing his lungs, he was dragging something, no, someone with him. Roxanne ran forward to help, together they got the creature out of the flames.

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