Somebody to you

When everything you know falls apart


1. one



Something had clearly changed.  i saw Karen my aka best friend standing to our usual spot with the others. Timmy,Arabella,Miles and Ivy where there too. "hi Karen!" i smiled. she gave me a nod. "is everything okay?" i asked. "yeah." she groaned and gave the others a look. "why didn't you tell me there was a party? and you told me the movie night was canceled when it wasn't.why have you been shutting me out?" i asked calmly. i didn't want to fight with my good friends, maybe she had a good reason. "isn't that obvious?" Ivy said. "what?" i asked. "you really are clueless." Arabella said. "whats going on guys?" i asked. "we have got enough of you." Karen spoke and her face was emotionless. "what?" i asked. "what part of 'we are tired of your bratty face' you don't get." Karen said. the words hit me like knife. "what did i do?" i asked looking at my the ones who i once thought were my friends. "you are just so full of yourself. and we are tired of being your only friends. you have to face the fact we are your only friends without us you are nothing. we are tired of you." Karen said. that was all i needed to hear before i gave them one last look and walked away. my chest felt heavy. i left the school. i hated myself for feeling this weak. i hated that i was skipping the school because of someone else. i was never weak. no one walked over me. but enough was was autumn. i felt the tears dry to my cheeks. the leaves had fell from trees and the grass was no longer green. it reminded me of my friends. once it was so beautiful and perfect and now it was ruined. but why. i sat down to bench. i was freezing my brains out. my phone rang. it was my aunt. my aunt was a music teacher in the other school what was in other side of the town. "thanks god you picked up!" she said. "i have a crisis! Bethany bailed! can you believe she bailed me! and the we still have like five shows! i never liked that bitch anyway but she just walked out the practice room and yelled 'i can't take this anymore i am not singing if i can't get what i want i am out.' and walked away. we are in big trouble!" my aunt explained. "wait what slow down." i said not really getting what she was talking about. "oh the musical i have been working on so long. this is so important project. one of the top singers left. and why i called you was that  i know you can sing. heck you sing like a pro. i know you are not such a fan of singing to others but please i beg you. this whole thing will fall down." she said. like i could say no to her. i knew how much her job and musicals meant to her. "okay. i will come." i said standing up. i heard my aunt breath from relief. "i love you! you are the best! yay this will be even better that Bethany  didn't even sing so well! can you come now? i know you have a school.but this is big thing. the most important people in the town will be in our next concert." she said."okay. i am coming. the same place?" i asked. "yeah my music studio." she said. "thanks so much Louella! you are the best." she said before i hang up. i texted to mum explaining the situation and jumped to bus. the drive was half an hour and i whipped the dry tears of my cheeks. i arrived to my aunts studio. she had her own building where was few music rooms and lot of all kind of costumes and stuff from her projects. she totally loved her job and her every musicals were wonderful. i heard my aunts loud voice echoing  from the main room where she always was with her students. "Lou! my sweetheart!" she yelled and made her way to me and crushed me to tight hug. "this is my niece Louella and she will be the Rose in our Musical." She said. there were three boys and girls who looked to be at my age and one child and four adults. "so this is the story and here is the songs what you will sing. one is solo, and others you are singing with Nikolai." she said giving me a pile of papers. i sat down and they showed me the how the musical proceed and i started to get a idea of how it went.  the songs were pretty easy and after two hours practicing  my aunt bought us a lunch. "i am Nikolai. nice to meet you." Tall guy with dirty brown eyes and green eyes said. he was good-looking and clearly he was working  out. he was wearing plain white shirt and necklace and floral patterned pants. i automatically fell in love in to his style. "Louelle." i said. "you sing amazingly. you are much better than Beth, i am glad she left." he said while sitting next to me with his plate. "yeah that girl was pain in the ass." the other guy said as he sat  to opposite to me. "i am Calvin, call me Cal."he said. he had light brown hair and brown eyes and was also good-looking. where did my  aunt find these guys? "This is my twin sister Lilith. and Grant." Calvin said as girl who looked bit same as him sat to other side to me and next to Calvin sat Guy with mid long curly hair. they were all so nice and talky and open. "so Louella what school are you in?" Nikolai asked. "I'm in west Campel's" i said. "oh. dang. we are in Bryant's high. i already started to dig you and you are in other school." Lilith said. "yeah. that sucks." Calvin said. i gave them a smile. "but isn't the football season coming and the schools will battle against each others me and Nikolai are in football team and Lilly is our personal fan." Calvin said. "yeah. thats true isn't it next month?" i asked. "yep. then we will maybe see each others in school." Nikolai said. every year there was a big football battle  between Campel's and Bryant's school and student's from Bryant's school would come to Campel's school to battle and eat in Campel's cafeteria and attend in few classes. 


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