My New Years Resolutions

For the New Year competition, this is how I'm hoping to go about 2016.


7. Resolution #7

To be kind

This is a goal of mine every day. It has been for as long as I can remember.

Recently, a friend told me that kindness comes naturally to good people. He said that just because someone has the capacity to be kind if they really, really try, doesn't make them a good person. Kindness has always come naturally to me, I think. I've never wanted to harm others, and I've always tried to be empathetic, compassionate, caring.

I am going to continue to try to be, anyway, whether I made it a resolution or not. The only difference about this, is that I want to also be kind to myself.

I want to acknowledge how I look, and not just briefly with a grimace. I want to realise that my eating habits aren't healthy, and be kind to my body by changing them. I want to care about myself, and be kind to the body I've given as well as the mental facilities I've been blessed with. I want to let myself have something I want - I want to hug people and stop distancing myself from others. I want to be able to do what's best for me, instead of what's best for others. I know that I have always been the person who will set myself on fire to keep others warm - this year, I want to learn how to make kindling out of firewood instead of my body.

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