My New Years Resolutions

For the New Year competition, this is how I'm hoping to go about 2016.


4. Resolution #4

To commit to one thing every day

I feel like I'm wasting my days away, in bed, in the house, in my pyjamas. I'm sick of it.

Even if that one thing is just remembering to empty the dishwasher or take out the recycling, I want to commit to it. I want to commit to doing my revision and homework every day. I want to just have one thing that I will commit to - a different thing every day; something that just has to be done.

Today, I want to be dressed.

Sometimes it's just really difficult to face being a functioning person, but I want to try it. I want to be able to get dressed because then I'll feel like I'm ready for the day. I want to then be able to say, that when I'm dressed, I could go out if I wanted to. I could walk up the road and see my friend, I could go out and buy ice cream, I could sit in the car if my parents elected to go somewhere.

I want to be dressed.

I want to commit to something every day. Even if it's another person.

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