My New Years Resolutions

For the New Year competition, this is how I'm hoping to go about 2016.


1. Resolution #1

To be brave

I am not brave, nor have I ever been. I worry over the smallest of matters, and over think everything that comes my way. I'm afraid to tell my parents of a single Christmas gift I receive from a friend because it's expensive, because they'll ask why he got it for me, because it'll lead to questions. I want to be brave in 2016. I don't want to fear the unknown, and cry over issues that I can't change. I want to be able to stand before someone, tell them how I feel, I want to be able to rest my head on my friends' shoulders without worrying what they'll do. I just want to stand up for something, and mean it, and not be afraid.

I don't want to fear the world anymore.

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