A True Love A Walking Dead Fanfiction

He is my everything i will love him no matter what my name is Kaylee Morris once i met the man of my dreams my life changed forever


1. The Apocalypse

My name is kaylee i'm 19 years old. When this all started we had nothing to do my family decided to split up. My sister Cambria went with my dad. My other sister Makayla is with us me and my mom. Usually my mom would watch The Big Bang Theory with us as a family. But i can't believe it had to end like this. I wanted to at least get a boyfriend before all this but i got confused. Mom said omg you should date someone get a boyfriend. But my dad said if i catch you dating your grounded for a year. Then the night this all happened i heard them fighting about it. Then we heard a moan outside we were stupid enough to answer the door. I wanted us to be a family again except our cat Mike got eaten by walker i was devastated. Right now were surrounded by walkers Kayle you need to make a run for it i'll cover for you. NO I CAN"T LEAVE YOU BEHIND YOU AND MAKAYLA ARE ALL I HAVE! No you gotta run if i get eaten i love you and if i become one I"LL NEVER FORGET YOU SWEETIE. GO GO RUN GET OUT OF HERE that's the last i heard of her. It was just me and Makayla we were alone. We were camping i was hunting some food (a rabbit) then a walker walked up and bit her. I had to do it i didn't want to i had to shoot her in the brain so she didn't turn. 


Little did i know another group heard the gunshot before i almost made the biggest mistake ever. I said goodbye cruel world as i cocked my gun to my head. Then someone stopped me don't do this he said. I looked behind me it was a tall man wearing a sheriffs uniform. Next to him was a little kid wearing a sheriffs hat. As i was a bit freaked out i whispered who are you guys. They had to come closer to hear me i whispered so i couldn't attract walkers. I knew there was a couple near by i didn't wanna get bitten. They introduced themselves but as they were i heard leaves. Because there was more people coming behind him. I couldn't hear a thing i said i'm sorry what did you sat. All he said this time was come with me i was a bit puzzled. Now i wish i had Facebook again so i can chat to other survivors. The kid said you had a Facebook i answer yes i used to till all this happend. I wanted one but my mom said no he replied back. I was suprized there was someone like me omg a gamer like i used to be. I introduced myself he also told me his name was Carl. Usually i'm nervous around other people but i had a good feeling about these people. All one person did was take his crossbow and be a dick just because he wanted to be a dick. I was nervous when i saw a weird looking building.


What the fuck am i saying to people these days! I told Rick i only killed a couple people. When I actually killed 10 people. I'm a fucking idiot am I my cellmate was a friend Carl. He was the only friend i made here this is when I got pissed off. Crossbow guy ( Darrel ) sat at my bed he said hi i'm Darrel. I said fuck off and he just put his crossbow to my head but Carl stopped him. I felt a slight heartbeat in my chest all he said was STOP RIGHT NOW. Darrel left and i could hear him talking to Rick he said shes got a bad attitude man. She should leave Carl just sat next to me stroking my blonde hair. Rick came in and saw what Carl was doing he told Carl to come with him i heard everything. He asked him what he was doing to my hair. I was comforting her dad Darrel's been shitty to her don't you know how that feels at all. When everyone went to sleep i got up and ate some corn out of a can. I said come on Kaylee are you a idiot or what? Carl said are you ok i replied no i started to cry he gave me a hug and we went back  to sleep 

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