A True Love A Walking Dead Fanfiction

He is my everything i will love him no matter what my name is Kaylee Morris once i met the man of my dreams my life changed forever


2. My New Bf

I'm crying my eyes out i can't stand people here anymore. I thought people were gonna like me but i ended up in a hell hole. The only one that is nice to me is Carl i'm tired of this shit. He came in and asked me if i was ok i dried my tears and said yes. He invited me for a walk and i said yes because he was my only friend. It was a beautiful midnight i was suprized and he even agreed. He said they don't understand you Kaylee the don't know what you been through. I blushed a bit usually i'm a bit emotional because when it comes to happy things it always goes away. We sat in the guard tower playing sccerades for some reason. Then we were caught fuck Glenn and Maggie walked in FUCK WE ARE SCREWED. Glenn said they won't tell Rick unless we don't tell him they were here. We made a deal and left i heard Rick shouting Carl's name really loud. He said hide before he sees you i said ok. Rick said have you seen Kaylee anywhere i'm a bit worried.


Carl said i thought you hated her do you dad you hurt her badly. Oh i didn't know i did that she was feeling bad about herself. I snuck back to my cell block a few minutes later Carl came back. I accidently ;) held his hand well put my hand on his hand. We blushed a bit my face was so red i could expload. We leaned a bit tword eachother. Then our faces were so close we almost touched eachothers noses. Then we kissed in my mind i shouted. OH MY FUCKING GOD WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON! Then i took off my sweater then fuck Micchone walked in. Fuck we are so dead Micchone said i won't tell anyone ok. Then we started making out ;) then i put my sweater back on. And i said goodnight i'll see you tomarrow. He kissed me goodnight and i can't beleive that just happened. The next day Carl picked me some wildflowers it was romantic. Then he asked me if i could be his girlfreind i said yes on the spot. 





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