My shinning star

"No one ever said it would be this hard...oh please take me back to the start..." I said crying my eyes out as I watched the love of my life walk away with another man. I was to save her in the end. "LUCY!!!!" I screamed as I watched her kiss Gray. "Some dragon slayor I am.."


6. 6

We didn't waist any time after we got the news. We rushed to the train staion and for ounce I didn't care about my motion sickness. I couldn't stop thinking about what I would say to Lucy when she finally got her memory back. I smiled a bit and looked out the window. "Wow I think this is the first time Natsu hasn't gotten motion sickness." Happy said with a chuckle but I just ignored him and kept looking out the window. Lucy giggled and took my hand in hers. "So you get car sick Natsu." I looked at her and blushed a bit. "Yeah, normally...but today i just seem to have my mind els where." I looked back out the window. "Hey guys's I think I see the witched cave." I pointed out the window and the others all swormed around me and looked out the window. "Yeah that's the place. Creepy huh?" Happy said shivering a bit. 

Finally the train stopped and we all got out of the cart. "Okay let's do this thing!" Lucy yelled with a smile and did a fist punch into the air like she has done so many times before. 'Soon you'll be back to us soon.' I thought to my self. "Come on we haven't gotten all day before the sun goes down. We still have a long way to go before we can reach her cave." Erza had a point so we all went quite and started to walk up the path.

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