My shinning star

"No one ever said it would be this hard...oh please take me back to the start..." I said crying my eyes out as I watched the love of my life walk away with another man. I was to save her in the end. "LUCY!!!!" I screamed as I watched her kiss Gray. "Some dragon slayor I am.."


5. 5

I looked at Mirajane and sighed but got up. She was right about one thing I couldn't just sit around all day moping about how Gray stole Lucy from me. So I walked over to the board. "Let's see what type of jobs we have." I looked at the board with out any real intrest. I couldn't stop thinking about what Lucy said to me though when I asked if she was okay. "O hey Natsu looking for a new job think I'll tag along." Gray walked over to the board and I frowned when I saw Lucy come with him all lovey dovey. 

"O um okay...sounds good..." I said looking away as Erza walked over. "Ah so the old gang is back together agian. So then Natsu what work shall we be doing today?" I frowned and looked down. "Why don't you pick for us Erza." She glanced at me and then put her arm around me and walked me away from the board well Gray and Lucy looked for a job. "What's wrong? Don't tell me it's nothing because I know that look Natsu." I sighed again and let a few tears fall. "I just can't believe that Lucy has no idea who I am...What makes it worse is that she fell in love with Gray...I was going to ask her out." I looked at my hands and Erza gave me a hug. Not one of her painful hugs where she slams me agianst her armor. It was an actual warm and nice hug.

Lucy came running over to me with a smile and I felt my heart brake some more. "Guys we found a good job!" I smiled and nodded a bit feeling my heart shatter again into a billion tiny peices. "All right what is it." Lucy looked over at Gray. "It's a witch who needs help killing a monster she made on accident. The reward a wish. But the catch is only one us of get's the wish and I personally think that the wish should go to Natsu." Gray smiled at me and patted me on the back and Lucy, Erza, and Happy all smiled and nodded at me. "Okay so then we all agree. Natsu you get the wish so try not to wast it." I felt a tiny pitch of hope spark inside of me and I knew just what I would wish for.

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