My shinning star

"No one ever said it would be this hard...oh please take me back to the start..." I said crying my eyes out as I watched the love of my life walk away with another man. I was to save her in the end. "LUCY!!!!" I screamed as I watched her kiss Gray. "Some dragon slayor I am.."


4. 4

"Do I know you?" Lucy said to me Shatt ring my heart at that very moment. "Your joking with me right Lucy. You know its me Natsu." I tried two squatting here but she backed away from me. "I do not know who you are ...." I got scared now so I called Erza and Gray up right away. They rushed over two my side and together we customs Lucy all about here life. She did not fight back only listened and kept her eyes on Gray. I felt my heart braking as I clenched the ring in my hand.

I knew that I had lost Lucy too good to Gray. I was not food that Gray fordi I knew that this was not his fault. "So I'm a wizard in a gild called Fairy tale and where all friends right?" She spurte us making sour That she Understood what I was saying. I nodded looking down at my hands. I could not look in here eyes knowing att here love for me was gone.

"So um Gray are you With Any one?" She spurte sky and I got up and left the room after that. I thought att Gray would be respectful of me but he dated here anyway and I swore att I would never forgive sky for that. I set at the bar in Fairy Tail drinking my fire när M irajane came about and talked to me. "What are you doing?" She spurte me. I looked to here and then at Lucy again.

"Drinking my feelings away." Mirajane looked at me with a smile. "No silly I meant what are you doing just sitting here like this? Why do not you go after the girl of your dreams." I looked down at my hands. "I'm afraid That she will lose this smile again." She hit me on my back playfully. "Do not be silly and go get here. Your the only one for here Natsu." 

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