My shinning star

"No one ever said it would be this hard...oh please take me back to the start..." I said crying my eyes out as I watched the love of my life walk away with another man. I was to save her in the end. "LUCY!!!!" I screamed as I watched her kiss Gray. "Some dragon slayor I am.."


3. 3

The whole time that Lucy was asleep Gray told me she was in a coma. We asked Wendy to try to use her magic to heal her Wendy said their was nothing she could do to help. Jella was the one who came to see Lucy the most. Me and Gray got into fights as usual. "Your such an idiot fire breath." Gray said to me. I shot Gray a look. "No one asked you Ice drool." I said to him. He got all up in my face. I found my self crying again and unable to fight Gray any more. I started to cry my eyes out. "Stop crying fire breather." He said to me in a teasing tone. I brushed it off and went back to Lucy.

*7 years later*

I stayed by Lucy's side holding her hand for 7 years.  "Come on Lucy you need to wake up." I said in her ear crying again. Gray came to see me again. "Come on Natsu don't you think it's time move need to get rest man." Gray told me but I didn't listen to him. "No, I can't leave her side Gray. No, I can't leave Lucy's side. I told her I would be their when she woke up..." I looked down at the ring in my hands as a tear fell down again.

Gray only sighed and patted my back and gave me a hug. I cried for awhile and then ounce I was done I wiped my face and went back to the room. Only this time I saw that Lucy was awake!!! I ran over to her. "LUCY YOUR AWAKE!!!" I screamed at her. "I knew you where alive." I said with a big smile on my face. "We can go on more missions now." Lucy sat their starring at me with a blank star. 

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